Still Happy from Amdavad

10881700_10205884395377318_8596884412940499218_n (1)No, I didn’t misspell Ahmedabad. . . I have learned that the natives call it Amdavad. . . so here I am. I awoke early to the sound of the Islamic early prayer. The chanting is, I think , a very sincere sound  to hear as awaking !  Out in front of the hostel , was the peahen parading up and down.  She wouldn’t let me get too close, though.

We are ecstatic that on the first day of trying we got on line.  David had to buy a “dongle” but we are up and running.  Tonight the first 5 students arrive but we have taken cat naps and some long sleeping time and jet-lag hasn’t been a problem.



This fine fellow was our friend “Burnt Marshmallow” from 2013.  When I called for him, he raced a crossed the yard and jumped over the fence to me!   Such a warm welcome. Here he is when we returned from shopping , to get a chin scratching.   No signs of Ginger, the alpha dog  and the information is not available  due to  language  challenges.

Some great help and greeting from two Gujarati friends in our returning first days.   Keyur, a Word Press friend, took us for a coffee on our first night here. He is a wonderful photographer and as fun as his comments have been.  Anxious for the students to meet him.   Zill was the CEPT scholar at RPI while we were here in 2013.  She went to the phone store and was a huge help getting all the kinks worked out. She brought a beautifully calligraphy wedding invitation for her sister’s upcoming wedding.  We are all invited to attend events for the five day celebration!  I can’t wait to be apart of the whole event. The two we attended last time were just bits and pieces!   It is January 12-17 with the huge International Kite Festival on the 14th and 15th!   No school that week !

I am happy that we are still somewhat of an oddity. . .  Indians stare quite openly, but respectfully.  What I mean is they don’t speak unless encouraged .  I looked everyone in the eye and if they look at me, I smile and then of course , they smile.  Such warm and friendly people.  Often a universal “hi” is exchanged along with something they know in English. At the hostel, we both received hugs even at 5 AM when we arrived.

I am indeed happy and welcomed and right at home at Presidency Enclave,  here in  Amdavad, India and anticipating another wonder  filled four months in Incredible India!

About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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1 Response to Still Happy from Amdavad

  1. Dalo 2013 says:

    So cool, an excellent ending to a great year for you ~ and most important a perfect beginning as well. Also, I like how you call your city by the name the locals use ~ Amdavad. The way it should be 🙂 Wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2015.


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