Gift for All Seasons , The Free Clinic of Capital City Rescue Mission

Free Medical Clinic for Albany’s Poorest

Last year I visited the Free Clinic at the Capital District Rescue Mission. Things have changed dramatically in that there is a new, larger space for the clinic. There is now an actual waiting room instead of waiting in the hall. unnamed (51)


A free on-site medical clinic at the Mission is staffed and administered by an experienced Nurse Practitioner and over 50 volunteer healthcare professionals to address episodic, primary care for the poor and

From this tiny medicine room to this:

unnamed (53)

Sarah Schoof, FNP, is available on Tuesday and Friday from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

david-james-sarah-002-1024x768 Doctors for special cases are available 3 times during the month on a rotating schedule.

There are over 100 volunteers  and Sarah Schoof is still the director.  There are doctors in the wider community who rotate to see patients on a regular schedule.  The following is a email sent from a volunteer’s husband to his address book after going to the Christmas party.

Just thinking…This is not the most wonderful time of the year for our local homeless. While many of us are enjoying the holidays, many others are in poor health and without family or friends. Please take a moment to consider contributing to the Capital City Rescue Mission and, in particular, to the Capital City Rescue Mission Clinic. More than half of the Clinic’s costs are allocated to prescription drugs that benefit persons who are truly in need and who have no insurance. These people have slipped through the cracks and not even “Obamacare” is an option. They’re trying to get back on their feet, and they need help. Your contribution will directly benefit our local needs and the bulk will be spent on supplies, not overhead and management fees. The Clinic is supported by a strong force of volunteers…what you give will directly benefit our population’s prescription drug needs.

 As you see the mission still has challenges.  Sarah told me that the patients being seen are up 30 % and the cost of medication, mostly generic is up 70%. This is very difficult for her budget.Irel-heart-1024x810Please consider making a donation for these neighbors in need in the capital district. The Rescue Mission turns no one away from their “inn” at Christmas or during the year. Sarah’s contact information is at the bottom of the page.unnamed (54)
Director of Medical Services
Capital City Rescue Mission Free Clinic
88 Trinity Place
Albany NY  12202



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