Gujurati Model Village. . . . Incredible India!

India is on the move. . . this week their Mars Orbiter was  recognized as one of the most important scientific accomplishments of the year.  Yes, a developing country  that is very poor .  Now I am sure some of you will think that money would have been better spent helping the poor of India. This story will show you that under the leadership of PM Modi, India can walk and chew gum at the same time. I have said repeatedly that Mr. Modi is a visionary and a leader.  He is getting things done, 5 million newly produced and installed toilets, and this  village project.  Gujurat is the state from which he was from and the Chief Minister and our home base in India.  Mr. Modi and also the Congress leaders whom he beat in the election have adopted villages to  modernize . The Congress party leaders are from the Gandhi family. . . Sonja, and Rahul. Mr. Modi’s is near historic Varanasi.
Another priority of Mr. Mod since he was elected in May 2014, is to visit and meet all his neighbors to insure some neighborly diplomacy. “Loving his neighbors as he loves himself.”
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Punsari village, barely 100 km from Ahmedabad, could be a textbook case of development. Closed-circuit cameras, water purifying plants, air-conditioned schools, Wi-Fi, biometric machines – the village has it all. And all of it was done in a matter of eight years, at a cost of a mere Rs. 16 crore. (4 million in dollars )  The video is partly in English and Gujurati, but you can see the images, the children in school, and the smiles of the residents.

I have had Indian friends thank me for positive posts on India. That is a no brainer as far as I am concerned. The world knows about the population explosion, the poor , and  the traffic.  I am thrilled to share stories of the marvelous people, their grace in life, and the quiet accomplishment of an ancient and multi-talented people who call incredible India their home!

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  1. You are one ardent and devoted supporter of India, esp Modi. Thank you for this.


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