Divide New York State?

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10 Responses to Divide New York State?

  1. gpcox says:

    Being from Long Island originally, I spent a lot of time in NYC and upstate with friends during my childhood. Upstate is another world! I used to ALWAYS say, even as a tot, if I was from there – I’d vote to separate!!!


  2. This is an insane proposition.

    Upstate New Yorkers constantly complain about how the City negatively affects them but overlook the many benefits reaped from being in the same state as the most important city in the World.


    • annetbell says:

      I have traveled pretty extensively and New York City is my number two destination of favorites! First being Venice! So for sure we have taken advantage of having the place in the world most thought of as “The City” has to offer. But I know many people from here that have never gone or go rarely yet they pay such terrible taxes. I am not sure if Upstate benefits financially from being in New York by money spent by visitors or events in the city. Is that what you mean?


      • The revenue collected from residents and businesses living and operating in NYC doesn’t only stay in NYC. A good deal of it is sent to Albany, where it is dispersed throughout the rest of the Empire State. This alone is enough to justify NYC existence and then some. Ask Mississippi, New Mexico, and Alabama if they would like to have an NYC within their borders.

        Aside from the economic windfall the Empire State realized from its presence, NYC raises the profile of the entire region, not just the state. There has to be a cost when such gains are realized.


      • annetbell says:

        You make a pretty convincing debate, but I think there is a very real stirring of people to have more control over their tax money, schools,and transportation. . . .. just life in general opposed to a very powerful central government. I think that was a message from the voters last week.

        Thanks for stopping by and commenting !


  3. In the words of They Might Be Giants, “Even old New York, was once New Amsterdam, why they changed, I just can’t say, maybe they just liked it better that way!”

    I love the idea. A friend of mine here in Utah had moved to upstate New York for a job. It would have been great for him and his family– they loved the woods and the hills and the beauty of the place, but even with the higher income, the taxes made it unbearable and they have now moved back to Utah, despite taking a pay cut, they are now better off.


    • annetbell says:

      The taxes are unbelievable, David. My son lives in Central New York and it is an amazing place with so many wonderful attractions. But the property and school taxes are breathtaking. But Utah is wonderful as I visited it from the Phoenix area and you are not strangled with the taxes! Thanks for your comment. Always enlightening.


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