29 Year Old Victim of Brain Cancer Plans Her Time of Death


This is a heartbreaking video.  I am sure we all can  feel sympathy for this young woman, predicted  to die by the medical community way too soon, due to the huge malignant  tumor in her brain.

She has decided on the date of November 1, two days after her husband’s birthday, to take a pill, and drift off to her death in her bed with her favorite music playing, surrounded by her loved ones.

There are so many questions to ponder. . .

1.  As a person of faith who believes my life is in God’s time and hands, is this an option to end earthly suffering? When do we begin to play God?  Is it when we extend life that is on the journey towards death or when we   end   it prematurely?   What about pain control?

2.  The horror of suffering in life and at the end of life. . . .

3. Whose right it is to make the decision of the time of  death?

There are 5 states in the United States that give a terminal patient this right to decide when and where they die with the help of their doctor.

4.  What about the morality of this act?  How soon will the government or someone else decide on the time of death for the  elderly, or terminally ill patients, handicapped,  or mentally challenged people?

5.  Who deserves to live and /or die?

6.  As a secular country, what is appropriate for the population who may or may not be a person of faith?

I would love to hear your reaction. 

About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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14 Responses to 29 Year Old Victim of Brain Cancer Plans Her Time of Death

  1. I saw this and it’s really heartbreaking, but I do support that each person should have a choice to leave with dignity …


  2. shaunynews says:

    Reblogged this on shaunynews and commented:
    Amazing story of courage and hope in the face of unreal horror. Heartbreaking but also it warms the heart. When faced with the worst news the human mind goes to a place nobody can explain, acceptance becomes the way and people live best they can. Good blog Anne.. ❤ x


  3. shaunynews says:

    Heartbreaking but also a woman who inspires in the face of Death. I can feel the love, the “Live and smile” attitude I totally get. When we are told health is going to take us in any form love comes and something I can’t, to this day explain comes to us also. We are given something in return for the loss. Pure love and light. Every word she uttered I understood, the tears of her family I know too well.

    Inspired I am and I hope whatever happens to the girl she goes at the moment of her choosing with the people around her there to smile and hold hands. I have been present in Death and it was horrific as it was beautiful in the way love came to the fore.

    Anne, one of the most remarkable blogs I have read in my time on WordPress, thank you for sharing. As for the answers, I don’t have any, others may have some. But her spirit to live and smile and make the most of what she has and had shone through like a beacon of love and light



    • annetbell says:

      I seem to be hopelessly behind. . . LOL. . . I thought I had had replied to your very thorough and sensitive reply. I appreciate your insight and your kind encouragement. You are always thought provoking , Shaun! If I thanked you before, then you are double thanked! Smiles. . . . .


  4. Reblogged this on Ace News Desk 2014 and commented:
    Anne, Someone once said to me it is easy to take your own life, at the time l was having the worst time of my life. My reply was it is the most difficult decision to make in the world.
    I admire this person for the great courage she is showing, but if she had asked me l would have said she should not take her own life, not because it is a sin, but personally it is wrong.
    But God gave us all a free-will and we have the right to decide, he will forgive any decision we make.
    I can see her point of view!


  5. This is certainly heartbreaking. How can man decree his own death is an excellent question to ask. If we say taking ones’ life is interfering in God’s ways, then same sex marriages do come into the same realm of things. Are we prepared to ask that question for fear of being branded ‘conservative’ ?
    Taking one’s life might be legally correct in a state. But is it morally correct ? Can legality override morality and the general laws of nature ? That is a question that needs to be asked now.


    • annetbell says:

      It is part of the blessing and challenge of being a person of faith and true to your beliefs. And then to live in a secular world that has other ideas. I really like your point about something that is legal but may not be moral. We have to give what is Cesar’s to Ceasar and to God what is God’s. Lots of people don’t understand serving a higher power. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Blessings to you !


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