“Scotland the Brave”

Today is election day in Scotland. All the rallies, speeches, and persuasive  blog posts are over. It is up to each Scottish voter today to vote  her/him conscience as to  what is best for Scotland now and in the future.

I am posting this late at night in New York on 9/17  for any of my Scottish or European friends will find it when they rise on Election Day.   For the Scots, I hope it will stir your hearts with the very special music of your history and the celebration at Usher Hall will encourage you to vote and make the right decision as you are ever mindful of your Scotland.

What an amazing opportunity to be part of history.  Have you had such an experience? 


About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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24 Responses to “Scotland the Brave”

  1. ajmbroadcasteducator says:

    Reblogged this on AJM Broadcast Educator.


  2. Chess says:

    Prayers for Scotland.


  3. Hoping for a no vote, yet absolutely would understand a yes! – an Englishman with Scots and Irish ancestry.


  4. inavukic says:

    I can never get enough of this one – one of my FAVOURITE musical pieces

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  5. fangboner1 says:

    I can see the benefits of both sides. It is exciting and terrifying at the same time.


  6. shaunynews says:

    You have to see this live to appreciate it…But it still is amazing.. Thanks Anne.. x


    • annetbell says:

      I can only imagine. . . .There is very limited coverage even in the US . It was said not to influence the results. I did hear though that with the turn-out, you were on track for 90% voting. Absolutely amazing!


  7. shaunynews says:


    Was strange. As I entered I stopped to take that image, I had the girls with me. I wanted them to see what a vote was. They were not impressed lol. I stood there with a Daughter in each hand and I could hear battles from my past, shouts at the miners strike, Thatcher and more…It was like my Countries history flashed before me…

    Surreal and more…
    I want a yes, but if I am being Honest, I am just real proud to be part of an amazing race of people.
    If it’s a Yes, we will party like it’s 1999 😀

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  8. Shauny,

    The Tories have done some real damage to both Scotland and the rest of the UK over the years, which really makes me sick.

    There is an element of selfishness to be honest in my wanting the Union to remain, as without Scotland, the remainder of the UK is destined to be stuck with the Tories for years to come, especially due to the stupidity of Southern English voters who vote Tory on ideological lines without thinking about what the Tories have done to them over the years. How many old age pensioners will still vote Tory despite being royally screwed by them everytime that they enter power?

    Regardless, even if there is a majority no vote in today’s referendum, I shall absolutely be pushing and lending my support towards the UK becoming a federalised nation; a way that each constituent country can enjoy it’s own regional government with majority powers, whilst also enjoying the benefits of being a part of a larger nation.

    Sure, federalism has it’s own issues also, but it allows for absolute fairness, or certainly more than we in the UK get now.

    I have loved your posts so far and wish you all the very best, regardless of whether we are part of the same nation after tonight, I shall always think of you as a blogging brother.

    Annet, thank you for allowing the discussion to flow.


    • annetbell says:

      It is my pleasure. I have learned so much talking to other bloggers with different opinions and life experiences. My life has been enriched by my blogging excrescences. I am always happy when bloggers feel comfortable to share. Blessings to you ! Anne

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