Staunton, Virginia

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Here in a  small town in the  historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, the only home I knew as I grew from baby to my late teens, is my high school.    This past weekend, my graduating class returned  to Staunton for the “big” reunion.

Our high school is still perched on its high hill, but instead of  halls filled with teenagers at lockers on the way to classes, the building is now home for retired , often ill citizens.  I for one, find it sad that if the building is sound enough for apartments, that it is no longer used as  a school. A new Lee High was built a few years ago across town.  In this instance “progress ruled over tradition” as it often does.

Because I am having a jumble of thoughts about the weekend with no coherent  theme, I am starting with a few  pictures  for you before I tackle the heart of the matter.

The class met in downtown Staunton at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel. Would you  expect a hotel  named for anyone less than  General Lee’s favorite general?



It is elegantly restored and renovated. Many long years ago, it was the site of our wedding reception.

Ah, but I have gotten off topic already. . . . Here is a little of the background of my home town from

” Staunton  is a unique community of six historic districts made up of cohesive neighborhoods and a central business district. Houses and historic businesses with elegant landscapes date back to the 19th century boom town growth. ” 


Main Street is busy with unique shops and street theater on the weekends.

Substantial and well preserved homes. . . . . . .
Miller House
 A well used and loved city park complete with a band shell for summer concerts.
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This is Thornrose Cemetery, the resting place of generations of my family. I felt  a very strong pull to pay them a visit and my friend Page, was willing to join me. This is a beautiful garden cemetery with lovely trees and flowering bushes. I have many memories of  taking Christmas  wreaths with my Mama for the family as well as Sunrise Services early Easter Sunday morning.
Honestly, I had thought I might be overcome with emotion and  memories of the past.  I was swamped with all sorts of memories  but not overcome by any. It was fun to drive around town, as a visitor and yet a daughter.  I am glad I came. . . . images (16)
Have you ever gone to a family or school reunion?  Was it a positive experience? 
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12 Responses to Staunton, Virginia

  1. School reunions and meeting friends are emotional events. Did you meet your friends? Did you go back to your school days and talk about your then teachers? That should have been emotional, right ?


    • annetbell says:

      I did meet my friends and spend the better part of three days with them. I will share it in upcoming days. I am a very emotional person and was concerned that I would be overcome by it all. More later. . . . . .


  2. Bruce says:

    Thank you for connecting with me. Your memories and pictures resonated with me as well. My here were things we took for granted growing up and your pictures made me pause and take a longer look. I am glad you enjoyed the reunion.



    • annetbell says:

      Oh thank you so much . I started the blog while in incredible India for four months in 2013. Came home to NY an addicted blogger with over 500 posts! Check it out and if you have question, ask away. Tks for your gracious comment. Loved, loved, loved the reunion.

      Do you blog? Big smiles. . .


  3. What wonderful photos, Staunton looks like a beautiful place 🙂 Your old school building is stunning!
    I’ve never been to a reunion or anything like that, I’m happy not revisiting people from my past!! When I went back to Dubai last year for the first time in many many years and it broke my heart to see just how much it had changed – I’ll keep my precious memories thank you!


  4. Dalo 2013 says:

    Who says you can never go back 🙂 I very much enjoy High School class reunions, reconnect to a lost time so to speak.


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