Eric’s Way to Santiago

This is an inspirational Sunday piece of love, faith, family and just the things  what makes life worth living.


I wanted to include the trailer of “The Way” but for some reason, I can’t copy and paste it. . . . It is a heartwarming film of life, discernment , love, friendship, and understanding change.   Many people choose to walk  the hundreds of miles from France to Spain on “The Way”.  Many make this choice for  spiritual reasons,  but not necessarily in a religious way.  All of us are on a journey and  these pilgrims will make you laugh and you  will  connect with at least one.  I highly recommend that you google it and see the film, if possible!

Lovely Sunday!

Have you ever taken a spiritual journey or retreat to examine relationships,  faith, pain, suffering  or other challenges in life?  Do you feel comfortable sharing it? 



About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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7 Responses to Eric’s Way to Santiago

  1. lauramacky says:

    WOW!!!! That’s amazing! Thank you for sharing this. 🙂


  2. Judy says:

    We were in Santiago some years ago when the pilgrimage was being made. Very moving! There is something similar in New Mexico around Easter every year at the Sanctuario de Chimayo. People walk and crawl for miles to the little church in the woods.


  3. inavukic says:

    What a heartwarming story amidst the tragedy auto-immune disease can bring.


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