Zoo Visit in Syracuse, New York


unnamed (28)No Syracuse weather jokes today. . . . it was a perfect day to take our grandchildren as we “sit-the-babies”. We have never actually been to this zoo, but the kids were very familiar with it.   There seemed to be quite a few indoor exhibits and we imagined that is for the many days of rain and or snow and  the zoo can remain open to visitors. The exhibits were clean and looked appropriate for the habitats of the animals as much as we know, anyway.

The zoo opened in 1914 and has quite a history.  One aspect that interested me is the very successful breeding this zoo has had. Here is  a partial list of successful breeding and live births in the zoo. It seems to me that his is a good indication that the animals are happy and well cared for. I know that zoos are controversial and I see positive points on both sides.

Penguin chicks

baby elephant

white crested laughing thrush

baby sloth

femate patas monkey

tiger triplets

Amazon River yellow spotted turtles

2 febbec fix kits

snow leopard cubs

The kiddos were interested in hearing about our ride on an elephant in India  as we looked at the huge creatures.  They also like the fact that we had paid for a pat on the head by an elephant.



Their favorite, along with lots of other kids, was wooden black and white cows complete with tits to milk, except the milk was actually water!  We  did not miss the irony that Violet is  allergic to milk produces.

unnamed (29)


And conveniently near the exit was another photo-op with a very small elephant for children to sit on  for a picture.

unnamed (30)

A lovely, if short visit to the zoo. . . . .

unnamed (31)

We shall return!

Do you like zoos?  Explain, please.  Do you have a favorite zoo?  I love the Bronx Zoo because I took my children there and have many happy memories.  I love, love, love the San Diego Zoo which  has earned the title The World’s Best Zoo. They have awesome rides, animals not seen at other zoos and exquisite unusual flowers and perfect grounds.  

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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11 Responses to Zoo Visit in Syracuse, New York

  1. lauramacky says:

    I’m not a fan of zoos anymore. The best zoo I’ve ever been to was the San Diego Zoo. But now I really believe that animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos. Some of it I understand is for educational purposes and to get people interested in helping animals in some way but at what cost? For instance, I definitely think orcas should never EVER be kept in a marine park which is the same as a zoo in some ways. They are too large. My feeling is there should be wildlife parks for large animals like lions and tigers where they can roam around a bit but never ever should they be kept in cages. Don’t even get me started on circuses! LOL


    • annetbell says:

      Laura, I was expecting someone to voice this opinion. At the Bronx Zoo, there are several of the original cages from the 1890. . .for lions nonetheless. Dreadful. I understand your argument and am torn, because I love animals very much. It is so cool to experience that animal freedom in India. But I think the education is important for children and adults who will never have the opportunity to see the animals in their native habitats. I agree about the orcas. They should be free and the killings of the trainers are to me their voice in frustration in captivity. Large animal parks is a great idea. I think that lots of the zoos are trying to use this model as much as possible. Thanks so much for your thoughts, Laura!


  2. Don Ostertag says:

    My favorite zoo. San Diego, hands down. Although I have a soft spot in my heart for the Como Park Zoo in St. Paul. It’s small and over the years they managed to build it into a beautiful wildlife park. And it’s free. For a lot of us growing up in the Twin Cities, it was the only zoo we knew.


    • annetbell says:

      Don, San Diego is hands down awesome. . . . I have not see the St. Paul zoo, but it sounds as if they are using best practices for the animals and the visitors! Thanks for your visit !


  3. prior says:

    I am not sure how I feel about zoos- and this is the second post I have read this week that touched upon different views about zoos (well in the comment by your reader it went there ;))

    but I do know that I am hoping to visit the DC one soon!

    anyhow, I like how you gave us the successful breeding list – thanks – and Syracuse looks so nice for this time of year (no snow jokes… ha!)
    have a great week! ❤ ~y.


  4. LAMarcom says:

    I don’t care for zoos, but I can see if they are run properly, they can educate. San Diego Zoo is one of the very few I have actually been to. There was one in Tel Aviv I think I actually went to back in the Seventies, but I really cannot remember too much about it. I was probably smoking hash that day.
    Anyhow, the last time I visited San Diego Zoo was with some Navy Pals and their wives. One of my buds ran ahead and kept yelling back to us as he came upon each ‘exhibit’:
    “Goats!” Then, “Goats!” Then “More goats!”
    Guess you would have to have been there to see the humor.
    Love the photos.

    P.S. Now… public aquariums… Love those.


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