The Town Of Jerome, Arizona   2011-11-05_JeromePhotos_Snowy-Sunrise_MG_2176_HDR Every school child in the state  learns the 5 C’s of  Arizona:

1. copper

2. citrus

3. cattle

4. cotton

5. climate

Jerome is a deserted copper town  which has become an artist colony, ghost time extraordinaire, winning the title of “Largest Ghost Town in America!”, living city visible from miles away on the side of the mountain, and I must admit a tourist destination.

It is only about 20 miles from Sedona which is more well known and a couple of hours from Phoenix.   I think the reason we really enjoyed Jerome and visited it a number of times is that it  is or seems authentic.  Arizona’s appeal is that it is not pretentious… quote Doc  “It is what it is!”

To explain how we felt is the example of our time in India. We loved seeing the sites, but it was the connection with the people who lived there….rickshaw drivers, drivers, students, even beggars that helped us really experience India.  We stayed in a hostel with the students, ate in neighborhood restaurants, visited  Indian homes, weddings and not  * * * * * Star Hotels, and luxuriance  restaurants.  This is how we like to travel. Sorry…..all  my conversations return to India…

Arizona…I was there from 2005-2012, living in Gilbert and teaching in Mesa. I lived near and then with my son and his family. I would never imagined this adventure without their sweet support . Back to Jerome. . . . .I am posting this today because the horrible fires are burning near  there , near Jerome, during the spring season.  This happens very year.  100_1313   Here is the Grand Hotel , the queen of the town perched high on the side of the mountain. We stayed there for a couple of nights and we were not visited by any ghosts. This building was constructed as a hospital to care for the injured  mine workers either for copper and later gold mine. From the size, you can imagine the scope of this industry. images (8)

The road that is used to approach Jerome snakes it way up the moutain as you wind between shops, a museum, several “saloons” up to the hotel. 1154329232_3MpkJ-L   Granted much of the economy or all of it is the result of the shops, but is doesn’t have a Disneyland feel to it.  Many of the shop owners have other outlets in Sedona, the city of the red rocks,  where the same merchandise is sold at much higher prices.  If you like jewelry, and pots then   shop in Jerome. images (7) The first time we visited was a Sunday, and we saw many “weekend bikers” curve their way up the hill. with many parked in front of a saloon for a welcoming drink. images (6)

This is my favorite shot with the view behind the facade.  There is a story to tell behind the facade of  a  charming  little city . . . . warts and all!


images from public domain

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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6 Responses to The Town Of Jerome, Arizona

  1. Annet, Love this post on Arizona!!!!!!!!!!! That first photo & the one of the facade! You are an historian as well!!! Thanks for the “Like” on my “About” & your comment on “July 2012” where I replied. Phil


  2. Annet, And I spoke too soon! Thanks for your “Likes” on my Christie post & “July 2012” & your comment on the Christie post where I replied. Phil


  3. Annet, And again, forgive me for not going slower & commenting here ONCE!!! Thanks for the great comment on my “About” re your teaching & upcoming trip to India. I replied to you there. Phil


  4. I love this post as well–you’ve given me ideas for my characters who are possibly going into mining out West 🙂


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