Modi Wins in a Landslide!


Modi Landslide. . . . . . .

“INDIA has won” tweeted Narendra Modi, on May 16th, his first public comment after official counting from India’s general election made it clear that he, and his Bharatiya Janata Party, had delivered a landslide victory beyond the expectations of almost everyone. The scale of the BJP win was remarkable. It swept entire states, including Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand. More importantly it made enormous strides in two crucial, and massive, northern states, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. There not only did Congress do disastrously, regional parties were also badly walloped. As of lunch time, it appeared that the BJP and its closest allies (known as the NDA) would have 324 seats of the 543 parliament, with the BJP alone getting 275. BJP spokesmen called that, rightly, a “tectonic shift in the polity of India”. It is the first time since 1984 that a single party has enough seats to rule alone.

Much is made is the importance of Mr Modi as a leader, who inspired great enthusiasm among the voters, especially youngsters. Clearly, too, there is demand for a stronger economy and more development. So strong is his victory, it might be no other party has enough seats to serve automatically as the opposition, since to lead it in parliament you need at least 10% of the seats, and Congress’s total haul might include even fewer than that. The array of ministers and prominent figures in Congress who have lost their seats is impressive. Mr Modi will give speeches and enjoy victory parades, first in Gujarat (where he has already visited his mother to get her blessings), then on May 17th in Varanasi. He may be sworn in as prime minister on May 21st, though obviously he hardly need wait to start forming a government and picking his ministers. “


Narendra Modi has already won in India—in the fashion race

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21 Responses to Modi Wins in a Landslide!

  1. annetbell says:

    Thank you for the reblog!

  2. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. Happy blogging.

  3. swethadhaara says:

    Reblogged this on Ladies Bulletin and commented:
    Historical win by Modi. Tremendous majority in the history of the Indian republic. Honesty wins…

  4. Doesn’t he have outstanding charges against him …?

    • annetbell says:

      Well actually not. Charged from 2002 communal riots went through all the Indian courts and finally the Supreme Court ruled there was no evidence of guilt. . So the answer is no. Thanks for the comment! Have a great weekend!

      • It’s sad that all
        Ministers have been arrested or tried for some crime .. It’s like a criteria to enter the parliament they need to be criminals .. And law gets sold… Even for Jessica Lal, the court acquitted the guilty u till the people protested .. Such a shame .. I don’t even trust the Indian justice system

      • annetbell says:

        Wow. , you sound very cynical! I really am unfamiliar with all that Indian history . I have seen in my years of life many politicians be seduced with power and begin to rule as if they were above the law !

      • I won’t say cynical… But I have been a witness to a mockery of law .. Minute or major .. Which sadly is very disappointing .. If you do get a chance google “Jessica Laal Murder case” … Happened almost a decade back .. See if it changes your prospective ..

      • annetbell says:

        This is a terrible story and of course never happened. Unfortunately there are selfish evil people in the world who do terrible deeds.

      • There are .. Sad how some people have no conscience …

      • I came from India .. I was there when all this happened .. So don’t trust the law when it says someone is proven not guilty it just means ” too influential” to be touched by law .. 🙂

      • annetbell says:

        After all the investigations, I don’t think that definitive guilt or innocence will ever be proved. I do think that Modi was a young CM and may have frozen into indecision. I feel his other work, and no further riots , are enough to make him eligible for the PM position. India needs a strong leader to lead her to the international marketplace. There have been no other riots or talk of riots in Gujarat. No person on earth is without sin or mistakes. He wants to be in the International world and he knows that the rest of the world will be on his case all the time. I think he will be on his best behavior. If he is guilty, he will stand before his creator someday. Thanks for your comments and discussion. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Nannayam says:

    Celebrated with Tea at Home! 🙂 😉

  6. Your analysis about modi shows your ability to look deep inside india and its is really great to have a blogger like you in my following list..cheers !!

    • annetbell says:

      Wow, what a lovely compliment. I just fell in love with incredible Indian people , saw differences in Gujarat and want all of India to have that too!

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