FLAX Barn Sale Ithaca NY

download (1) What a fun two days I have had taking a road trip with my friend Judy, visiting my Skaneateles  family and going on to Ithaca  to this amazing barn sale !  I discovered Flax clothes years ago and love them. They are generous cut flax linen clothes, usually in very muted colors. . . . rather classic in what my daughter calls “old hippie” clothing!  well, you might ask, why don’t I just go to a store and buy what I want?  Flax sells on-line  and in small boutique stores so there is always a limited selection.  And I hate to  order on line and have to return things.  I think I know my sizes now, but  I am not telling ! Here are some pictures of the clothes, but I must confess there were few if any shoppers who looked like this! sunshine-flax-2014 Ithaca is an hour from Skaneatles, and Judy had lived there when her husband was working for his PhD  years ago at Cornell  so she was the perfect traveling partner and she even helped with the driving.  I have to admit, I am a good driver but maybe  it is my Southern blood that I enjoy being driven….whenever possible.!  My children call it “driving Miss Anne!” We had no idea what to expect but loved the clothes and were willing to explore. It was in empty space in a mall, and seemed to be several spaces. There was a policeman at the door. . . . . nice welcome.  And the shoppers of all ages but mostly middle age and older, I have to admit literally digging into huge boxes labeled such as tops M or L . There were also directions on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.  The sizes are Petite to 3X !  so something to all figure types.    There  was  a fitting room, one giant open tent. Women were stripping and trying on their treasure.  No modesty at all….it was all about the clothes.  People would say…”That looks good” of say “nothing” …as you made your way to a mirror.  I filled  my great FAX bag that we received at the door , three times and tried and eliminated  what didn’t work. Dress too short, pants too big etc until I  was satisfied with the $124  treasures……2 dresses, one skirt and 2 tops….not bad. . . .Judy concentrated on tops and found quite a few.  Even in the large room filled with boxes, clothes, shoppers and even a few men, women were undressing and trying on….it was quite an experience. The last time, I, too, was in the corner of the big room trying on, discarding or refilling the bag.  BTW , the bag is awesome….perfect for India as are the clothes.  Interestingly, Judy and I were on the same wave-link  and were shopped out with treaures in our bag and ready to go at the same time. We had separated and shopped on our own. For us ….two hours did it! home-layout-10 home-layout-12 The check-0ut was snake lines like Disney Land, but pretty effecient. My casher told me that  there was a volunteer who flew up from Florida to work the sale evrey year. Perfect year-round clothes for Florda.  The volunteers work for money or clothes.  I am pretty sure most wanted clothes.  ( Prices ranged from $5 – $45. ) images (2)Photo of volunteers. . . . .   flax-select-2014   We said goodbye to the policeman at the door as we left and he looked at our receipt.  Being hungry, after that two hour exertion, Judy suggested  Moosewood Restaurant in downtown. This is a very famous vegetarian restaurant started in the ’70s.  The woman who started it has written many recipe books  and they are on sale as well as bags and tee shirts. We both decided on  Fritta, small salad and Orange Ginger iced tea…..lovely, filling, healthy meal. We gassed up the car and took a quick riding  tour of the campus, which is beautiful with lovely architecture, and gorges and waterfalls. Moosewood_logo bibimbap Moosewood-cookbook One of the many cookbooks for sale. ae0ds6kj38t8d0yb Doesn’t this look like an architecture school?  This is an images from public domain, as we were home by dark! Here is the information for the sale for today and tomorrow in case some of my readers are necessary.    Happy Shopping. . . .  .

FLAX Barn Sale April 25- April 27

Saturday April 26: 9am-5pm Sunday

April 27: 11am-3pm

2255 N. Triphammer Rd, Ithaca , NY 14850


check, cash,  or credit card

Sizes petite – 3X

Neesh & Whitewash also available

All sales final


Wear a body suit and or tights (This is  not mandatory. I didn’t, but it is just for modesty in trying on the clothes.)

Don’t come in Flax clothes

Leave jewelry and valuables at home.

Babysitters make shopping more enjoyable!  😎

Thank you Judy for being the perfect shopping /traveling friend, thank you Chris, Demone, Parker, and Violet for your hospitality, and thanks to FLAX for an awesome shopping experience !

Images from public domain

Only similar shopping experience I have had  that compares to this is Filene’s Basement in Boston, Massachusetts.

About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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8 Responses to FLAX Barn Sale Ithaca NY

  1. Judy says:

    I’m so glad you asked me to join you, Anne! I loved your extended family — Demone, Chris, Parker and Violet –such huggable children! We were well taken care of especially by lovely Demone! We’ve know each other since your arrival in Troy in the early 80s but never got to spend this much time together. I Googled the recipe for the Ginger Orange Iced Tea we enjoyed at Moosewood this morning and am happy to share if you are interested. The French Frittata was so good I wanted that recipe too but couldn’t find the exact duplicate. . . we’ll just have to make this an annual expedition!


    • annetbell says:

      Would love to have the tea recipe…..my friend. I had a wonderful time. I probably talked your head off…all those hours in the car! I will look forward to a repeat trip. The two days were just perfect. Thanks so much for being willing to go without really knowing what to expect. By all means we will do it an annual trip! There is also Harriman. . . . …..
      Hugs. . .


  2. Sounds fab!!!! We used to have a Liz Claiborne factory here and they would have big sales like this every year, women everywhere, stripping off and trying stuff on and leave with huge bags! I think the key trick is to still keep in mind ‘will I wear it?’ ‘Do I love it?’ It’s so easy to come out of those kind of sales with stuff you’ll never wear because you got carried away!!!
    I’m glad to read you had such a great time xx


  3. Patricia Wyatt says:

    please send me a reminder for your flax barn sale and the address, a friend told me about it and I’m excited to come in the spring. Thank you Patricia Wyatt


    • annetbell says:

      Patricia, go to this link and sign-up to be notified in 2015. I will be in India so I will miss that one. You will get a card in the mail. 2014’s sale was in late April, so I imagine that is about the time every year. Le me know if you have trouble! Enjoy.. . . great clothes.

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  4. Anna Hartzog says:

    Very nice! If you’re looking for more great Flax deals, I own a closeout / liquidation business and currently have a ton of Flax items just in! http://stores.ebay.com/Bella-Anya/Flax-/_i.html?_fsub=9090064014&_sid=201165794&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Terry Greer says:

    Trying to figure out how to sing up to volunteer @ the Ithaca my sale.


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