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Children Playing in India!

Only in incredible India do children have these special toys with which to play! I am spending the day with my grandchildren and they helped me pick the video! Creepy to me as I really don’t like snakes. . . … Continue reading

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Friends at CEPT

These are two of my CEPT friends who greeted us each time we visited.  The man is one of the guards at the gate. Just as the man was guarding the campus,  the scruffy old dog followed and guarded him … Continue reading

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India’s Monkey Invasion

These are the Rhesus Macaque monkeys of Jaipur, the Pink City of Rajastan. The video will enthrall you, give you shivers and be impossible to look away  from because you want to see what they will do next.  Monkeys have … Continue reading

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Narendra Modi’s Gujarat

This will give you some idea about what Mr. Modi has accomplished in the years he has been Chief Minister of Gujarat, where we were located in Ahmedabad. He has been elected Chief Minister for four terms.  The video will … Continue reading

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North to Rajasthan from March 10, 2013

(Rajasthan is the state that has all the elements tourists think of when you mention India:forts, temples, camels, desert, nomads, and colorful crafts.  In spite of all the tourists it is a place we would like to see more of. … Continue reading

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King of Fruits

This morning I brightened my dreary, cold, snowy day with a mango and blueberry whey shake so I thought I would share what I could about this amazing fruit. This fruitwala is exhausted and catching a few Z’s while he … Continue reading

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A Billion Votes: Arvind Kejriwal set to resign as Delhi Chief Minister

I watched the whole post. Seems as if the Indians learned from the British about assembly speaking! This is quite a change of events as Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was the Chief Minister of Delhi for only 49 days. He is … Continue reading

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~ Vande Mataram with Rangoli/Kolam…

Originally posted on Arjunwani:
Watch soothing Vande Mataram (India’s national song) performance and beautiful Rangoli/Kolam art by school children at Common Wealth Games 2010….music by A.R.Rahman Source: youtube user Ganesh PC, photo from clip,  PC and Delhi Common wealth…

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Valentine’s Day

Today is the day many people celebrate by giving cards, flowers, candy or gifts to the ones they love. Have you wondered why? The story  goes back to the ancient Romans where  two versions exist. The Romans celebrated the god … Continue reading

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And I must include  little boys who have the same qualities  and need to be encouraged,too. We are in dire need for leaders in our world. Let’s encourage girls and boys to develop these qualities in a loving and safe … Continue reading

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