Narendra Modi’s Gujarat

This will give you some idea about what Mr. Modi has accomplished in the years he has been Chief Minister of Gujarat, where we were located in Ahmedabad. He has been elected Chief Minister for four terms.  The video will show you the varied economic and academic successes( from 11 to 42 academic institutions built.)  during his tenure. He has been criticized that he has not focused as successfully on human development of his state.  There is much work left to do in the area of poverty, sanitation, nutrition, education, and health care.  But honestly, from my observations during our time in India, these problems seem universal throughout the country and not just in Gujarat.

Na Mo has held two international economic conferences in Gujarat as a Chief Minister  establishing his international presence.  We were in the city last winter when there was a huge to-do with traffic and police as international visitors came to meet Mr. Modi and see his work.

A dark cloud still hangs over Mr. Modi because of communal violence in 2002 against the Muslim population after a train full of Hindu pilgrims were consumed but a flash fire. Sadly there were several thousand Muslims who lost their lives in retaliation of the Hindus who were burned on the train.  Mr. Modi was accused of at the least turning a blind eye to the carnage and to the worst being directly involved. But after all these years, the Supreme Court  of India has if not declared him innocent has declared that there is no concrete evidence to implicate him in the violence.  Many countries including the US have been concerned  about this situation, and going so far as not to give him a visa to visit America.  I don’t know whether he was involved or not. He was a beginning Chief Minister and maybe he was paralyzed with inaction to stop the riots. Only God knows.  But for me, I take him at his word that he plans to be the Prime Minister for all Indians and not just the 80% of the country who are Hindu.  India is the world’s largest democracy and freedom of religion is very important. As a Christian, I am concerned for the 24 million or 2.3% Indian Christians, especially with their current persecution  throughout the Middle East.  Mr. Modi was named to be on the list for Time Person of  2013.

Is he perfect?  No.  Is he a strong and visionary leader? Yes.  Is he worthy to lead India into the 21% century? The incredible Indians will decide in the May 2014 election.

About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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5 Responses to Narendra Modi’s Gujarat

  1. Pranay says:

    I did read most of your articles on Modi. The fundamental question we Indians have to ask ourselves is “Is development so important a parameter that it can take over our morality”?
    Please go through the following article. Speaks exactly my thoughts.


    • annetbell says:

      Thank you for sending me this article. It is very well written, First , I definitively am saying that I reject the Hitler comparison. There was one Hitler. Mr. Modi has not invaded Rajasthan and there are no concentration camps in Gujarat. My brother died on D-day when he jumped into France. The Hitler analogy is thrown around all the time. It is not valid.

      What about the riots at partition? The 1984 riots? There are other riots I read about in other states in India? The riots in Gujarat have never been repeated. And your supreme court has not found evidence of guilt by Mr. Modi.

      Let’s say he didn’t do as much as he could to stop them when he was a beginning CM in Gujarat? Is there no forgiveness for past sins? Is there no comparison of present behavior to past? I know that the Indians living the good life in the US are against Mr. Modi. Could that be selfish on their part? Do they want to return and brag about how well they have it here and keep the Indians in India down in poverty? As a Christian I believe that no one is without sin, but there is room for repentance and forgiveness…..I need that every day. AAP party, whom I am expecting you are supporting….do you want him to quit on the whole country like he did in Delhi? He is an inexperienced man who has no leadership to quit when he did. He is a campaigner. Maybe he will be PM material one day if he learns some leadership skills. God help India to think through their vote. . . . Thanks for listening to may opinion. I have tried to have an open mind to the objections of some Indian people. But having live in Ahmadabad and traveled through all of India…I saw the difference. I talked to young Indians who only want to work hard and join the middle class.


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