Sir John Soane’s House and Museum

I just recommend this very special home and collection to an English friend this week. It is one of two of my favorite museums. The other being The Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum in  Boston.   My problem with the large museums is that I am not an architect or historian and have no idea what in each room is the “not to missed” object and I get exhausted after  a few rooms of trying to look at everything.  Docents point out special things in each room,  but the architect prefers to view the exhibits on his own. Sigh. . .  Mr. Soane, architect and collector extraordinaire,  renovated three row houses to hold all his treasures and  that is easily visited.  But be sure to look up and around in  360 degrees at all times.  If you are in London, and have a chance, visit Sir John’s collection that even contains a pharaoh’s alabaster sarcophagus which was thought too pricey  for the British Museum.  You won’t be disappointed, I am certain.

Architect says that professors don’t get rich, but there are other perks to the job!


Sir John Soane's museum, London, England, Great Britain


NPG 316a(111); Sir John Soane by Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey




images from museum and goggle public domain

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15 Responses to Sir John Soane’s House and Museum

  1. Wonderful. Overwhelming but amazing. I would love to go there and wander through the rooms. Great post. Thank you.


  2. Beautiful! I live here, I must go!!


  3. Miss Lou says:

    I have not been to London for over 10 years, though rest assured, this is one place I will surely want to visit when I do get back again!

    These pictures are stunning, I can’t imagine anyone seeing them who would not want to visit!



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