And the Author is . . . . . . .


For almost 200 years, there has been a mystery of who penned the poem“Twas the Night Before Christmas” which was first published in the Troy, New York Sentinel paper. Originally the title  was ”  An Account of a Visit of St. Nicholas.” 


Last night in the ceremonial chamber of Rensselaser County Courthouse in Troy, Judge Malone , a retired Supreme Court judge,heard the  case  presented by two prominent lawyers  with their  proof as to the “real” author of this Christmas classic.

628x471 (11)

Mr. Stewart Jones is sitting on the table and Mr. Jack Cassiday is in the chair.

Mr. Cassiday represented Henry Livingston and Mr. Steward Jones argued for Clement Moore as the author. The mock trial was filled with  literary and linguistic evidence such as English/Dutch spellings and pronunciation and “anapestic meter.”

628x471 (14)

A jury was picked from the good citizens of Troy who braved the freezing temperatures and the lawyers began their presentations to a packed house.

628x471 (15)

When the Judge finally  announced the verdict, ” ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and we have a hung jury!”  Loud boos filled the courtroom.  The mystery continues.  There is hope by the event planner that this mock trial will become an annual event for the combination of holiday and historical celebration in Troy.  So it was a set-up ?  Bah- humbug!

628x471 (12)

So Clement Moore still has his name on the plaque!

This Is Troy New York, a happening place to be!

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