Happy St. Nikolaus or Nicholas Day !


This morning many  children in Europe jumped out of bed to check their boot or shoe outside their bedroom door for sweets, toys, oranges or money!   Many thanks to my friend Andrea who reminded me.  You all know I love celebrations! http://andreaschwemin.wordpress.com/

This early Christian celebration was named for a Bishop Nicholas of Myra in Turkey.  He was  known for his miracles and often called Nicholas the Wonder worker.  Nicholas lived from 270-343 AD. st_nicholas_myra_500

There are some rules for leaving out the boot or shoe, yes, only one so as not to appear greedy.  The boot or shoe must be well polished to show St. Nicholas that the child is industrious. And a naughty child must be concerned at receiving a switch for the parents to punish him or her.  But I imagine just like the threat of  “coal in the stocking” on December 25 is used as a warning in the west, it  is an idle treat!  St. Nicholas is not Santa Claus and thought of by most,  its importance is more religious,in contrast, to the  secular celebration which Christmas has become ! 0,,17253677_303,00

This photography is taken in the Netherlands.

This Is the Celebration of St. Nicholas Day!

Images from Google Images – Public Domain

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5 Responses to Happy St. Nikolaus or Nicholas Day !

  1. Andrea says:



  2. prayingforoneday says:

    Like it… x


  3. I go to an international school and all the Dutch came into school with big grins on their faces!


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