Navratri Garba


Indians love to dance!  I am sure you have seen those huge dance scenes in the middle of Bollywood films where the whole casts stops doing whatever they were doing to dance. It must be in their blood and the more joyful the better. This the attitude brought to this autumn festival which  is dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Druga, the mother goddess.


The word Navratri means nine nights during which the celebration happens, and the date is determined by the lunar calendar. This is a major festival in the Western states of India as well as in the north.


This is the celebration in Baroda, a city near Ahmedabad. Wow, what a crowd!

The Garba dance is performed for the mother goddess.  This year the festival dates are October 5-13th, so wish your Indian friends, a happy Navratri!


How elegant. . . . .



Traditional costumes and colors. . . . .



images (57)

Dancing, which is very fast and energetic,  is open to all, costumed or not. .  . . .



Mementos for every occasion. . . . . .Navarathri_at_Parashakthi_Temple

This celebration of music, singing, and dancing is a request for wisdom, spiritual blessings, and wealth.  My friend Chandresh, the filmmaker of whom I have written in several posts, told me  this morning that the film he was producing was over and the next one was not scheduled  to be shot until after this 10 day, 9 night festival.  These celebrations are enjoyed with energy and joy. Most  Indian people have innumerable challenges in their daily lives, but they bring so much joy to simple things like flying kites, throwing colors for Holi,  singing, and dancing. I think …no I know, westerners could learn from the Indian people about “being joyful in all circumstances!”

Namaste. . . . . .This Is Incredible India.. . . . . .Happy Navratri!

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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17 Responses to Navratri Garba

  1. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.


  2. Anne, You have really described Navratre very welll. I would also like to add that Navratre is a major festival of some eastern states as well, though that side it is more commonly known as “Durga Puja”. People also fast during this festival for these nine days, consuming only fruits and juice, and breads made of a special type of flour known as “kuttu” once in a day.
    The reason why the celebration lasts nine days is that according to Hindu mythology Goddess Durga has nine “avatars”. So one day for every avatar.


  3. Lovely! You have captured the spirit and atmosphere of Navaratri so beautifully 🙂


  4. sknicholls says:

    I love the motion and the energy in your post…so very exciting.


  5. willowmarie says:

    I really enjoyed this. I studied Indian Temple Dance- I was awful at it, but I loved it, would have loved this more!


  6. Your posts are amazing! And this one was really exciting for me 🙂 Love the pictures!


  7. Ajay Kaul says:

    Very well captured! Love the pics!


  8. My first visit to your blog- I’m thoroughly enjoying accompanying you to different parts of India and seeing them afresh. You’ll see my ‘Like’ on many of your posts today 🙂 I love the way your camera sees things too.


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