Deli Or Dehli?

Of course it is Delhi…we are discussing India!  Our group, all architects except me,1339989559_401647053_1-Pictures-of--2-Br-Society-Flaton-rent-Rs15000-in-Sushant-Lok-3-Gurgaon  anticipated visiting the capital city and after several days of touring , we  were near. The first indication was these GIANT apartment buildings as we approached the suburbs.  There was not just one , they went on and on  alone the horizon. Everyone sat quietly looking out the windows of the bus trying to take it all in. J811909404.high-rise-apartments.60042l


They are villages, no cities cities of expats, government works and affluent           Indian families.



Why so many pictures? To try to give you the feelings we had as we arrived.


The skyline continued into the center of the city. It is not New York…but it isn’t to be ignored.  In our stay, I will take you to the two sites that I enjoyed in Delhi.


The first is the monumental arch, India Gate. It is a war memorial built in 1931 to commentate the 90,000 Indian Soldiers killed in WWI. I guess that  I was ignorant of this because of the emphasis of  western civilization history I learned in school! The Brits were afraid if India joined the war ,it would be against them. But  in India, the prevailing thought was to help Britain  and ultimately speed their desire for  independence, which didn’t come for 30 more years.  There is another gate in Mumbai, and much of the world has such gates of commemoration architecture such as Rome, Paris and Berlin.


Does this look familiar?   It is often called “Little Taj Mahal.”  Do you see why?  It is the first of many garden ( Garden of Eden influenced?)  tombs constructed in India.  The  great mogul leader Humayun was buried here in the year of 1570. This was my favorite  place in Delhi with the peace and quiet of the garden setting. Our guide, who was provided by the hotel, told us  about the birds….the green parrots and the Black Kites.AdmiringtheFlyingExployts


He was a certified bird guide of India, thus very knowledgeable. There are people who come to India for 3 weeks and have a bird safari!

Back to the tomb. . . . The Taj Mahal, which of course is world famous,was built about 50 years later and  designed by  a Persian architect. I think he had seen this tomb, don’t you ?  The Taj  was 20 years in the building from 1628 and finished in 1648. The Taj, in its perfection,  is the culmination of tomb/garden architecture in India.

Old Delhi and new Delhi

Well back out into the  city for a ride on the subway. . .  .


Taking public transportation in a group of 13 is in itself a challenge.  David put his  IPhone in his back pocket and got his wallet from his front pocket. He remembers being pushed and jostled ( routine in India)  by some young Indians, and immediately knew that the IPhone was done. It was and he was furious! Approaching some policemen, telling his tale,  they just shrugged and walked away. We ran back to the hotel and within a half an hour , had things worked out. He was angry and embarrassed….the world traveler.  These things just happen and this was the only time anyone was robbed in our group so it is pretty good odds. That was a damper on the rest of our time in Delhi.  I would say, “But no one was hurt!”

“Oh stop being such a Pollyanna!”

Delhi is a monumental city with many more  historical sites to see, but if we are fortunate to do this trip again, we will not go back. Unless you are  interested in the rapid suburban growth in the last decade or riding on a very crowded subway, I would recommend that you bypass Delhi, the second most populated city in India with 16+ million souls. . . and visit say…Pondecherry instead!

I leave you waving bye-bye  to the Delhi traffic.


Oh, we did see a restaurant called “Delhi Belly” near our hotel.  No we didn’t eat there as we already knew about “Delhi Belly.”  But we did appreciate their self deprecating  humor!

Namaste. . . . .This Is Dehli

About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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32 Responses to Deli Or Dehli?

  1. I never knew about the India Gate or the story behind it… so sad. 😦 The last picture makes me queasy just looking at it! We don’t have traffic like that in my little area of Colorado. 😉


    • annetbell says:

      Even seeing the pictures, it is hard to imagine, right? The thing we noticed it straight lines and order In Ahmedabad traffic came in all directions and in and out..pure chaos. I think they have outlawed the rickshaws in Delhi and that has helped! Namaste. . ..


  2. I guess I never imagined skyscrapers–that’s kind of lame of me. Thanks for the lesson and pics!


    • annetbell says:

      Well, we had never experienced anything like that either!
      Thanks for the comment! Namaste. . ..


    • annetbell says:

      Wanted you to know I have started your book, but am also reading my book club selection for the month. What the Dead Know by Sarah Lippman….and I am a rather slow reader. And I seem to spend hours on the blog!

      I have read enough of The House on Tenafly Road to love your descriptive language, absolutely wonderful and I am in wonder at the Yankee family with such ‘”southern good manners!”


  3. Arindam Saha says:

    You showcased the whole of Delhi so wonderfully well! Didn’t you get to see any peacocks? They are a treat to watch… especially in the monsoons. 🙂


  4. Page Shields says:

    I was in Delhi in 1966 and these pictures look nothing like the city I remember ….very low rise in those days!


  5. punjabibolo says:

    Very well post all history about the place India gate thanks


    • annetbell says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed the post. The India Gate is a beautiful arch and an important historical monument for India’s brave soldiers! Namaste. . . .

      I hope you will check out my other posts most of the ones during February – April were about India. We were in Ahmedabad at CEPT with architecture students!


      • punjabibolo says:

        Very Thankfull to you @annetbell yeah i checked out some post u doing well thanks for being the part of hsitorical country.. if u need any assistance or help ping me anytime.. not forget to visit Punjab… A Place of 5 rivers Saints God and many more…


      • annetbell says:

        We did spend several days in the Punjab and it is lovely. Stayed in Amritsar, went to the Wagha border, loved the Golden Temple and the great work the Sikhs are doing with the poor and went to Chandigarh to see the LeCorbuiser buildings and city planning. I am sure there is more to see and would love to go again! thanks for commenting!


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