Egypt in Flames


Coptic Christians holding hands in solidarity and  protection while Egyptian Muslims pray in the streets of Cairo.

One of my favorite  memories ,when visiting Egypt years ago, was meeting some Coptic Christians in a 1000 year old farm village.  We were there as guests of Moslin, whom we had met on the streets of Cairo.  He was studying to be a travel guide at American University.  This is an important position in a country that depends on tourism  to survive economically.  His English was perfect so conversation was easty.  He told us that he was Muslim and in fact had been part of an elite military  squad that had been the first to attack Israel  through the Sinai  in the war of 1967.  I have to admit that was startling as I have always been pro-Israel and had  never thought much about the attackers of Israel in other than a negative way. Now, here was someone who was kind and welcoming to us  yet  an enemy to my friends. It did give me pause, though my allegiance hasn’t changed, knowing the  face of descent reveals how  conflicting positions are real.

At the end of the day in the village, we went to a house for dinner. As we entered, I saw a picture on the wall of the Nativity scene  of the birth of Christ and a crucifix under it.  I smiled and tried to communicate with my body language that I , too , was a Christian. We were fed and made to feel very welcome, far away from home, by this man  Moslin and this Christian family.  Today, I have no idea whether they  are safe or in harm’s way, but I do consider them all  friends  of mine and of each other. Egypt is burning and Coptic Christians are being killed, persecuted and their churches are being leveled by fire. The Coptic Church was started in Alexandria in 33 AD  by John Mark who wrote the Gospel of Mark.   It is considered one of  the oldest Christian  communities. They have lived and worshiped in Egypt for  over 2000 years as  safe and productive citizens. Today they are being singled out by angry mobs.  I have been thinking of these friends quite a lot lately and praying for their safety.

Yesterday, while looking at the pictures on the net of the horror in Egypt, I found  this  story from  Canada Free Press which gave me hope. The headline was Images of Solidarity as Christians Join Hands to Protect Muslims as They pray During Cairo Protests.



And during Friday prayers, the faithful Muslims prayed in front of a Coptic Christian Church in an act of solidarity with the Christians.

Of course, the other pictures that are being sent from Egypt of the fires, anger and destruction of Christian Churches are the other side of the story.  egypt-church-575x350



In the Canada Free Press yesterday, there was an interview between a Coptic Christian and a Muslim together in the streets of Cairo:

“They, (the Muslim Brotherhood) want to make discord between us and they think we will fight each other because of what they are doing. Let them come now and see how we stand united. They don’t belong to any religion because they come to burn and destroy the house of God.”

The reply by a Muslim man:  “My brother, we all know this , even if this  was your own house, (instead of your church)  we would all defend it. ”

Next, a  tank arrived  in answer to a 911 call for protection, the driver saw Muslims and Christians together.  He raised his hand in victory and drove off to answer another call.



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Namaste. . . . .. This is Egypt today!

images from Google Public domain

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  2. Page Shields says:

    Thank you for this wonderful expression of hope and unity.


  3. Olga Brajnović says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. You have here a very interesting story about Egypt.


  4. Very inspiring post.


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    Amazing article. I’d like to ask a question about the images you’ve used if possible. Thanks.

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    • annetbell says:

      Hi, sure you can ask me. I used images from Google Public Domain, but I forgot to credit them at the end of the article. I just went and did that. Let me know if you have more questions.


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