Beautiful Blue Bird

Dancing peacock2-L

Could  there be a more perfect bird for the National Bird of India, all dressed, not in a brightly colored  sari, but metallic  blue with tail  feathers to match, all opening into a lovely fan?  These  peafowls are native to South Asia and related to the pheasant family.   Actually you can see the resemblance to the pheasants in the less colorful peahens.


The first mention of these birds was by Linnaeus, the 18th Century scientist.  Males raise their  fan tails  and dance during the courtship period to try to impresses the hen. Mostly the  peafowls are found on the ground or in a open forest setting where they hunt for small snakes, rodents, and berries. They can fly as seen in this picture, but it is quite cumbersome and unwieldy. Quite an eerie sight, wouldn’t you say?


We did see them perched high-up on the corners of buildings in our lane. They are quite shy and avoid dogs and people as much as possible.


There is a history of screaming peacocks used as prison guards in Istanbul in the film “Midnight Express.”  A must see film for any students going to study abroad who might engage the thought of smuggling  some cheap  dope home to the States.  That thought would never enter my head, but the  movie, from years ago,  is still fresh in my memory.

Enjoy this video from YouTube on the Peacock Mating Dance

Namaste. . . .. T I I

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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22 Responses to Beautiful Blue Bird

  1. Ray Luke says:

    I’ve seen a peacock fly once. It had my black labrador in hot pursuit. We entered a field and the peacock was out for a stroll. It was one of those slo-mo moments when you see things going on but can’t do anything. Luckily Charlie responded to my calls; the peacock flew over the hedge intact. Phew!


  2. Gator Woman says:

    We have some wild ones here near our house, they are wonderful~


  3. Gator Woman says:

    Sadly, there are no gators near our house.


  4. Gator Woman says:

    If it is the one caught this week here, he was killed.


  5. Gator Woman says:

    These ongoing wildlife murders are why I wrote my posting today~


  6. Gator Woman says:

    It’s worse than that, sometimes I feel like no one cares and I am not helping any of them.


  7. inavukic says:

    Majestic birds aren’t they 🙂


  8. Beautifully captured 🙂


  9. toemailer says:

    If we give up it’s over! 🙂


  10. Prasad says:

    There a plenty over here near my place. As my house is pretty close by a forest, plenty of peacocks and penhens perch up on the roof and roam around the garden freely. its a sight to behold especially during the rains.


  11. Loved the first pic – very well captured, almost perfect symmetry.


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