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Dada Hari Ni Vav

Dada Hari, was the  chief attendant of Sultan Muhmud  Begada’s royal harem at the turn of the 16 century. She commissioned the building of this step well as well as a garden, mosque, and her own tomb.  The ancient rulers … Continue reading

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The Vision of Queen Ruda

The star was always covered by an umbrella. He is quite well known and popular in the TV and Bollywood movies. Maybe someone can tell us his  name. I always love these “clash of culture” pictures. . . . . … Continue reading

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Anne Meets Hati !

  Ah-ti ,the elephant, is an Amdavad resident who just happened to appear new the Fort where we were tourisiting yesterday. Nothing nicer than to see an Ah-ti  at the beginning of a busy day, and quite a friendly girl … Continue reading

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