Opioids, To Take Or Not To Take

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I  am slowly typing one-handed, Three weeks today,  I  had an unexpected hard fall on a concrete floor resulting in a broken arm. I finally had surgery five days later after agony with every move. To give you  the intensity of the pain, the first step  of surgery is blocking the nerve before anesthesia. After surgery, I  was given more opioids , 50 to be exact after the 15 I took waiting for surgery.

Now here is the dilemma. . . . . . the pain was excruciating, I wanted relief from that  but I didn’t want to get addicted. And I felt terrible fuzzy headed and nauseous taking them, and the pain was only dulled!

A dear friend sent me a nonaddictive pain relief shared by a pharmacist who said 80 per cent of the world has no access to opioids.

DISCLAIMER;   I am not a doctor or a pharmacists. I  have and am  using these  over the counter products. I  am not using alcohol  and have liver disease.  Always check with your physician, The pain is tolerable and my head is clearer. I am resolved that healing and pain  are  slow. I thank God for His mercy to me  as I  continue to heal.

Here are the directions;

2  200 mg  Aleve  every 12 hours

2 extra strength Tylenol in between after 6 hours

Love from the lady with a broken wing  held together with a plate and 7 screws!

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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10 Responses to Opioids, To Take Or Not To Take

  1. First of all I am so sad to hear about your arm! Secondly, I similarly have found ibuprofen and acetaminophen work very very well together for pain relief without the dizziness and worry. Why are doctors still prescribing opiods knowing what they know?!


  2. GP Cox says:

    I agree about fearing the opioids. Far too easy to grow attached to them. I am very sorry that suffered such an injury, but glad to hear of your drug choice.

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  3. Donna marie says:

    Dear anne.i had hand surgery on November 2nd with the nerve block.given opiods.can’t take antiimflamatory orc or script but Kirsten with her ankle surgeries was given that routine by the dictor.i have been in it since 11/12.I make strides but then the rheumatoid ,osteo,MGUS,diabetes,and fibromyalgia kick in and I have set backs.just had injections in the thumb and middle finger on friday.i take turmeric and brkmelian capsules and have a crystal ginger drink at night.with all my ops I have taken opiods but try to wean off as fast as I can.you need to have something for the pain so your body can heal.i use ice or heat depending on what helps..my son says they are necessary but within reason.i am still typing with my left hand.lol.when I asked the surgeon for more or he laughed.he says many patients keep asking for pain pills so he was happy I only wanted a little more ot.hope you mend soon.did I tell you we are moving back to ny..hopefully may or june…depending on selling our home and finding a new one

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  4. annetbell says:

    oh Donna, you have suffered so much. excited about your return to NY.


  5. peterhatton says:

    Gee’s Anne I hope your getting better. Pain is a terrible thing to live with.

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