The Way. . . . . A Film Review

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“The Way” was released in 2010 but it is as relevant today  as it was six years ago. The themes  are life, death, family, friends, journey, and faith.   Ironically, it is a contemporary story set in an ancient place. It is the story of modern  pilgrims who were searching  fore greater meaning in  their lives, which after all was the purpose during Medieval times.

The film is about an American father, Martin Sheehan, who travels to France following the death of his estranged adult son ( Emilio Estervez) who was killed in the Pyrenees Mountains during a storm while walking the Camino de Santiago ( The Way of St. James)  to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

This shows the pilgrim’s passport that is stamped at various check-points along “The  Way.”

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Here is the routes of the 500 mile journey.

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The destination is  Cathedral of St. James in Santiago de Compostela , Spain

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It is only one of three Cathedrals in the world  or Apostle  churches  including St Peter’s in Rome, and St Thomas in Chennai, India where tradition says there are remains of the original apostles of Christ.  During the medieval pilgrimages, the faithful  tried to walk the spiritual paths of devotion  to St. James, Rome, and Jerusalem.  Today there are many pilgrims who are  walking this spiritual path  in search of a greater meaning in  this act of sacrifice.  Some are spiritual and others are not at all.  This will be evident in the stories of the pilgrims in the film.   You will visit  hostels along the way which were shelters for the   the pilgrims.


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Here is the group who are highlighted in the film with each of their unique reasons for the the walk along The Way.

It is a powerful and inspiring film that is a spiritual as the viewer wishes or not.  It does address the questions many of us have of faith, family , relationships as we search along The Way for answers  to life’s purpose and our part in it.

The film is available for free viewing on

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  1. sidran says:

    I have seen it and liked it a lot.Wish I can walk The Way some day !

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