Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize for Literature!   What  unexpected news breaking this morning.  The gravely voiced troubadour and philosopher  wrote and performed as the conscious of the 60’s. He was influenced and inspired by the legendary  folk singer, Woodie Guthrie.   His favorite themes were pro-civil rights justice and anti- war, specifically anti-Vietnam war of the   60s and 70s.   Today at 75 years of age, he is still a voice for causes of justice and especially for the those of us who were touched by his words and voice.  He is still  touring and performing almost nightly.



“Blowing in the Wind,” and “Times They Are a-Changing” are two of my favorites.

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4 Responses to Bob Dylan

  1. A true poet with a pure heart that must be tormented with how this world turned out.
    What an excellent choice for the Noble Prize for Literature.

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  2. Don Ostertag says:

    WOW! The lyrics of songs are finally recognized as poems, and one of the best living poets gets the Big Award. So many, many memories of working and being around Bob Dylan. Not just his concerts I worked but for years he owned the Minneapolis Orpheum and his brother, David, ran it. And before that often he would come backstage at the Guthrie, when I worked there, to listen to a concert of an artist he liked. So many warm memories of the Man who walked down so many roads.Way to go Bob!


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