Primary Day

My daughter is always telling  me that we should watch the local TV stations and get the local newspaper so we will at least know who has died in the area.  I reply  that  she will let us know.  Yesterday, I discovered that she was right!

I walked to our polling place about 10 AM.  We have gone early in the past just after the 6 AM opening After a 1500 step(Fitbit)  walk to the DMV building in downtown . I saw no yellow sign and no line.  Going inside the door to the election room was shut and again there was no sigh and no line.  I knew it was Primary Day but where was I to go? There were a couple of young men leaving who responded when I asked. . . . “Times have been changed and voting begins at noon.”  That was  two hours later! I called my husband who was home and not eligible to vote because he registered as an Independent.  I am a Republican. In a closed  Primary,Republicans vote for candidates in that party and Democrats vote for their  candidates.  Voters are given a Democrat or Republican ballot.  Davi  said he would check on the internet but it turned out not to be so easy.  Hmmm. . . .

Suddenly, I remembered hearing of disenfranchised African Americans who had to prove they could read, and even had  to pay a Poll Tax to be eligible  to vote especially in the South.    Polling  places were changed and not publicized with only the white or insiders knowing the details.  They had taken off from work to vote and now had to return to work or lose their jobs not getting to cast a ballot.    In a flash, in my own sheltered way, I experienced those feelings.

Walking home, I thought about that experience and the shock I felt at the shut door and not even a sign listing hours.  It was a feeling of helplessness.  I had only wanted to vote as I have done every year of my voting eligibility but that right and responsibility  seemed to have been denied me.

Of course, I returned after noon and joined a line out the door. I was happy to see that there were many young people voting.  A few minutes later someone yelled,  (New Yorkers yell a lot) that Republicans could form a second much shorter line. It was so short that I was the only one at the moment! And yes, I voted for Trump.  It was a decision reached  slowly and with difficulty.  I think we as a country are in desperate need of a strong leader, and the economy is a mess.  Mr . Trump is a quick leader ans his campaign has taken a much more civil tone and he is a very successful business man. Mayor Giuliani has just  endorsed him.  I am encouraged that Giuliani would be involved in his administration and other quality, smart , experienced people.

Last night, I watched a little of the results which were pretty much as expected. On Morning Joe earlier,  it was announced that Mr. Trump, for the first time, won a  majority of not only men with a high school education, but also voters with college or above education, and the big surprise was he won with New York women.

To think I could have missed my vote!   Katie was right, it would have been my fault.  Always check for hours and place of your voting station.

And now whether or not that vote will count. We have always heard about these delegates who vote at the convention. . . but now that reality has hit home. These people are establishments big wigs who hate Mr. Trump.l  There has been jockeying   for weeks.   We are a Democratic Republic and not a Democracy. But in this year of outsiders and two populist candidates, the populous will be very upset if their votes seem or don’t matter in the selection of the candidates running for the highest position in the land.


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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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8 Responses to Primary Day

  1. needhamb says:

    Go Trump! I’ll vote for him next Tuesday, unless I die.

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  2. agwnowb says:

    That is very frightening to read Anne. My polling place is downstairs in my building, but it bothers me that people living here don’t bother to vote, yet they complain loudly about politics. I personally feel that anyone who give up the right to vote also gives up the right to complain, but I’m a minority of 1 in that around here. I’m also an Independent, voting mainly for the person rather than along any party line. Our primary is in May, so I have a couple of weeks, but only a couple.


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