Renoir . . . . . the film


Renoir, a French film made in 2012, is a drama of sumptuous beauty.  It is in French with English subtitles and is based on the last years of Renoir’s life in his Cagnes-sur Mer farmhouse  in the south of France.  W W I  is raging just out of sight, and the peaceful setting only hints at that world when Renoir’s son, Jean comes home wounded to recuperate from his injury. The two Renoir men are both enchanted with the real main character, a scarlet haired teenage model, Andree with a personality to match.renoir_02cf

She links the father, whose life and career are nearing an end, and the son, Jean, who anticipates a future career in film when he is well.  Interestingly, the title Renoir  could be about the father or the son , who both are gifted artists in different  media. renoir-film

This is a beautiful film with each frame , a individual painting with colors , focal points and movement. We saw this on Pay for View  . . . . my choice after we watch The Iceman. Though there was not  a car chase or explosion anywhere to be seen, my architect sat through the whole film with very few complaints about “watching paint dry!”




This is French film. . . . . . . . .

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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18 Responses to Renoir . . . . . the film

  1. acuriousgal says:

    Thank you for the tip. I’m very interested in watching this!!


  2. shuart24 says:

    I saw this movie on an overseas flight. I thought it was quite picturesque but lacked too much in narrative for my tastes. I think the film was more of a character portrait while I was hoping for more direction. Oh well, misplaced expectations I suppose.

    This film would probably appeal to others but it didn’t do much for me.


    • annetbell says:

      Oh no, I am always glad to hear other views. Thanks for taking time to comment. I will enjoy following your blog. So glad to make the connect. Thanks for stopping by to like and comment. I hope you will return again soon and often…..namaste. . .


  3. frances says:

    Thanks for suggesting this – I’ve just watched the trailer and it looks enchanting. We’ve visited this area and it’s beautiful. Definitely one to watch and (try to) follow without looking at the subtitles – it’s challenging – my French is a bit rusty! We’re off to Brittany this weekend for a short break – can’t wait. I’m envisaging that evocative photo you posted recently of the fantastic French cheeses…mmmm!!


    • annetbell says:

      Oh thanks so much for comment. I love your idea of turning I off the volume and just soaking in the visuals! Have a lovely weekend and I hope you find some delicious cheese! Bon jour!


  4. emilyardagh says:

    This sounds like a wonderful film — I will try to see it! Thank you for sharing this 🙂


  5. Rusha Sams says:

    So appreciative of your comments. I probably would have gone to see this on my own, but your recommendation makes this movie a must-see!


  6. inavukic says:

    Oh thanks Anne, I didn’t know this film was out and I love such genres. Thanks so much, must get it 😀


  7. maverickbird says:

    I love this movie Anne.its a visual delight. Thanks for sharing


  8. willowmarie says:

    It’s on my “must watch” list. Thank u Anne.


  9. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.


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