Saturday Market in Troy, New York


Pictures of a Farmers Market are rather redundant as flower and vegetable markets are universal.  I have shared lovely ones from India, but this is what I did this morning. I wasn’t  shopping so much as catching up with a dear friend, Marilyn  after quite a long time. We sat and talked for hours under a welcome umbrella, shading us from the sun,  sharing a lemonade,and just loving the  80 degree weather, with no humidity.  One of the Upstate summer days that we enjoy so much. 2-where-people-can-shop-and-eat

Food and drink is available both to enjoy at the market and to take home.


More of the architecture of Troy.


This is a favorite seasonal food, corn on the cob, sweet corn or “peaches and cream”. Corn was called maize by the Native Americans. The Iroquois Nation introduced it to the English settlers.  Though new to the English, it quickly became a favorite food for them, too. It is especially delicious covered with fresh butter.

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Berries, including strawberries, raspberries ,and blackberries are plentiful in Upstate New York during the summer.  There are many” pick your own farms” that are great fun for families to enjoy picking and snacking on the ripe fruit.


Many varieties of fresh bread are available weekly at the market for those too busy to make their own, or who just prefer to buy rather than bake.

7521633300_fde3f8b106_z  For a perfect summer lunch, a fresh salad and cheese to go with your bread.


“Mom, when are we going home?”


“Could I go over and pat the dogs, they aren’t shopping!”


There are always vendors with spices, plants and hanging baskets to entice the gardeners.Pretty nice market for a small Upstate town!

Namaste. . . . . T I N Y

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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14 Responses to Saturday Market in Troy, New York

  1. Kongo says:

    Love the images of the corn and strawberries!


  2. belsbror says:

    Farmers’ markets are great to visit. We have here locally every Saturday.:)


  3. Sian Mann says:

    Lovely images!


  4. There is nothing better than a farmer’s market in Upstate NY. Having lived in New Paltz and other surrounding areas for several years, I really miss it! I used to drive daily through local apple orchards – not something I see often these days. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post w/ us!


  5. I used to visit Troy often last year because my boyfriend lived there. We visited the farmers market one Saturday, but at that time, it was indoors, inside a building. It was lovely, but this certainly looks even better! 🙂


    • annetbell says:

      Was your boyfriend at RPI? During the a late fall and winter the market is inside . I have never gone there but I think it is just bread, cheese, and jams. Oh that sounds pretty good. The outside. Market starts at River and Third. It is lovely as it winds down River St.glad to make the. Connection.
      Namaste.. . . . Anne


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