“Joy to the World” ( Unspeakable Joy) Chris Tomlin

This is a joining of the traditional carol, and classic  Chris Tomlin. . . . .

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Reincarnation and Mummification


Another history lesson from two of my favorite places. . . . Egypt and India !

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Hinduism is the  world’s fourth largest religion with seven hundred fifty million  devotees. It was founded in the North of India, 4,000 years ago near the Indus River.  This makes it the oldest exiting religion in the world. 80% of all the modern Indian  population  are followers.  Reincarnation, a belief of “life after death,”  was begun with Hinduism.  They believe that the soul is eternal and lives many life times in one body after another while the  preceding body, or container of the soul, rots or is burned up.    The body may be  human,  animal, or plant.  They believe that any form of of life contains a soul (atman) and thus has a chance  to experience life in different forms. Good deeds or works preformed  means you will move up the cycle  in the next life. Moska is what all are working to attain which is the ultimate release…

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Terminally Ill Lauren Hill Plays Basketball

This is  story of courage, grace, and generosity.  It would be wonderful if all sports reflected this monumental moment of joy and spirit shown  in a dying girl’s  last weeks of life.  So many people played a part in helping her fulfill her dream! Your hearts will be touched by this Christmas gift!

In her dying she shows us how to live!

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Joey Fala, Organist and Architecture Student

I just saw on the Saturday morning show, that there are students at prestigious George Washington  University who have signed petitions supporting  exchanging an American citizen for an illegal immigrant!


You probably have also seen ‘on the street interviews” of  American students who know nothing about American history or politics.

In contrast, let me introduce you to Joey Fala,  a Renaissance man. I know nothing about Joey’s knowledge of history and /or politics but he is a dedicated student.  He is a very hardworking , focused young man who is a 5th year student in the Architecture school  and is also working simultaneously  on a Master’s degree in lighting! He will graduate in the spring with dual degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where my husband teaches, also a fine university with a reputation for rigor.

Well you already know that that is not enough for Joey. He is also  a accomplished organist who is the choir director and organist at the First Presbyterian Church in Troy, and who quite regularly prepares and  gives organ recitals.  Take a few minutes to watch and listen to this elegant piece played with technical perfection! Watch for the running octaves in the pedal throughout the piece!

David was sorry that Joey was not able to go to India with the last group of students, but you can see Joey Fala  is quite busy and couldn’t be away for a semester !

Thanks Joey for being a millennial student  who is inspiring us all !



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“You Came”

words of hope for this dark world. . . . . .

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Read And Write Like An Egyptian


I thought this reblog might be fun today. If you have have older elementary students have them write their names!

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Over 5000 years ago, ancient Egyptians wrote using a picture writing called hieroglyphics. The writers were called scribes. Not everyone had this training not even the Pharaoh and his family. There was a problem because Egyptians wrote down everything, and hieroglyphs were beautiful, but time consuming! Hieroglyphics The scribes needed a faster way to write. They created the first shorthand called Demotic script. The new scribes used that exclusively and never learned the ancient hieroglyphs. They wrote faster and even  created some new scripts.Hieroglyphs11

Hundreds of years passed and archaeologists discovered beautiful hieroglyphic writing on ancient walls of tombs and pyramids in Egypt. But there was a problem. Though they knew there was a story told there on the wall, and they could read Demotic Script, there was not one person on the face of the earth who could read ancient Egyptian!   This mystery wasn’t solved until about 200 years…

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“Carol of the Bells”. . . Pentatonix

Pentatonix is an American a cappella group of five vocalists originating from Arlington, Texas. Their work, mostly in, but not limited to, the pop music style, consists of covers of pre-existing songs … Wikipedia


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