A Paratrooper’s Faith and a Legacy of Love


a paratroopers faith

Green Light

On June 5th, 1944, high above a war raging in Europe, a paratrooper’s faith helped calm a 20-year-old soldier from the 82nd Airborne Division. The vibration of the military transport plane might have put George to sleep if not for the peril he was about to face. He was about to jump under cover of darkness into occupied France with fellow paratroopers from 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment. He closed his eyes and recalled a quote he memorized long ago:

Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call our courage and strength. . .

George took a deep breath and turned his thoughts to what he loved most: God and his family. He often wrote letters to his younger brothers encouraging them to act rightly and stay on the right track. George was carrying two weapons into the battle that night, one was a weapon of war, the other, of the spirit.

a paratroopers faithThe Little Book

Tucked somewhere on his body was a small blue booklet. It was complied by his mother, Anne Archer Hogshead Tullidge, so that he might “receive an inspiration and help from. . .thoughts of great minds and souls of the past and present.” He called it the “little book.” She later titled it A Paratrooper’s Faith. It was Anne’s hope that “. . .in the lonely, anxious and trying experiences he was passing through, a few moments reading of these might give him hope and strength.”²

Author and fellow Army veteran Bill Cain describes the unit’s mission:

“Their D-Day objective was to secure the crossing over the Mederet River.  During the jump, the unit missed the drop zone and was scattered for miles due to heavy German anti-aircraft fire and low clouds.”¹

After escaping enemy fire and landing miles off target, he attempted to remain calm.Priority number one: find out where I am.  No–first, prayer:

I can do all things through Christ which stregtheneth me. . .

I can. . .

Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. . .

Be not afraid.  I am not afraid.

He thought about what he wrote to his younger brothers, Tommy and Arch: a good belief in Christianity . . . gives a fellow something to grasp when the going gets tough, and it does at times.  This was one of those times.

Unusual Courage

The next day, near Fiere, France, George’s unit came under heavy attack while attempting to hold a bridge outside of St. Mere Eglise. George had to make a decision. He closed his eyes again, and remembered:

It makes a difference to all eternity whether we do right or wrong today. . .

a paratroopers faith 4

Without hesitation, George took control of a light machine gun and held off the enemy attack, eventually leading to the safe withdrawal of his unit. This paratrooper carried with him a secret weapon: a mother’s faith.

The little book his mother made gave him peace, hope, and a strength only possible with the promise of peace and justice in the presence of almighty God. George found that peace on June 8, 1944 after succumbing to a massive hip wound sustained two days earlier while defending the bridge. I wonder what George must have thought as he was transported to a hospital in Britain.

For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. . .

A Family of Heroes

George B. Tullidge III was awarded the Bronze Star for his heroism, but he wasn’t the only Tullidge to be recognized.

On July 24, 1989, Anne Archer was awarded the Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service at the Pentagon by the Secretary of The Army, John O. Marsh, Jr.,  with the Citation:

a paratroopers faith

“Mrs. Archer Tullidge is officially commended for her distinguished civilian service to the United States Army, to our veterans, and to the nation over the last 50 years. During World War II, on her own initiative and at her own personal expense, Mrs. Tullidge voluntarily duplicated and mailed to over 300,000 soldiers the booklet entitled, ‘A Paratrooper’s Faith.’ Her personal commitment and deep concern were appreciated by many returning soldiers who commented on the strength and courage they received from the booklet’s message. Mrs. Tullidge’s strong support and patriotism did not end with World War II as she continues to dedicate her life to volunteer services to The Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center. This unselfish devotion to our American soldiers, strong personal commitment, and selfless service to the United States Army stands as a worthy example for all Americans to emulate.”³

A Paratrooper’s Faith has been inspiring service members since 1944, and it continues to inspire today. If you like to see what other inspiring words are included in the legendary booklet, click here.

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¹ Bill Cain, “A Paratrooper’s Faith: My Connection to A Soldier’s (and Family’s) Sacrifice,” Bill Cain Online, July, 2008, http://billcainonline.com/?p=2937

² Charles Culbertson, “Staunton man’s death led to book to inspire thousands of soldiers,” Newsleader.com, October 29, 2011, http://www.newsleader.com/article/20111029/LIFESTYLE22/110290302/Staunton-man-s-death-led-book-inspire-thousands-soldiers

³ Dr. William Josephson, Anne Archer Tullidge Obituary, revised 31 January, 2010, http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~josepbe/ParatroopersFaith/AnneArcherTullidgeObituary.htm

To quote a friend, “everyone has a story” . . . .Share something big or small from your story or your family’s story. 


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Gina Briganti’s Music Monday “Summer Vibe” Walk Off the Earth


Gina is my new friend from California.  She introduced me to this very current Canadian group. On this dark, rainy upstate New York day, here is a little “Summer Vibe!”   Visit Gina at http://www.ginabriganti.com

We saw one of our last year India students and she had been to a mini-Woodstock ‘wanna be’ outdoor concert in South Carolina and Walk Off the Earth played there.  She thought it amazing that I even knew of them!   Thanks for making me “cool”  Gina!

Have you been to an outdoor summer concert? What was it like?  Do you like Walk Off the Earth’s sound? 

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Eric’s Way to Santiago

This is an inspirational Sunday piece of love, faith, family and just the things  what makes life worth living.


I wanted to include the trailer of “The Way” but for some reason, I can’t copy and paste it. . . . It is a heartwarming film of life, discernment , love, friendship, and understanding change.   Many people choose to walk  the hundreds of miles from France to Spain on “The Way”.  Many make this choice for  spiritual reasons,  but not necessarily in a religious way.  All of us are on a journey and  these pilgrims will make you laugh and you  will  connect with at least one.  I highly recommend that you google it and see the film, if possible!

Lovely Sunday!

Have you ever taken a spiritual journey or retreat to examine relationships,  faith, pain, suffering  or other challenges in life?  Do you feel comfortable sharing it? 



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“Inclusive Capitalism and Democracy in India” Bill Clinton


This is interesting and exciting about Mr. Clinton’s take on India and Mr. Modi as the new Prime Minister.

Inclusive Capitalism and Democracy sounds very good to me. What do you think? 

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Love and Kindness Blogger Award


“It is important for us to remember that we are One Family living in One World; we are Sisters and Brothers, no matter how we look, what culture we live in, what religion we practice or who we love.  In many ways, blogging removes some of the obvious barriers between us, and helps bring those of us from all walks of life, ethnicity, creed, colors and ideals together as One Family,” said Barbara.

Two of my friends on WordPress nominated my blog for this honor. I am very touched and grateful because of the name of the award.  Friendship and family are very important to me as well as love and kindness.

First, talesalongtheway.com was nominated by Belsbror  at  http://belsbror.wordpress.com . Belsbror and I have been friends for most of my blogging time starting in early 2013. He is  a gracious man of the land, who fancies himself a simple man, but I agree with forgottenmeadows that he has the heart of a poet. ( Belsbror disagrees with that description)  I am most encouraged by his spiritual side and the universal truth language of love in his posts.  Check out his blog and be inspired.

The second nomination was from my friend Seaangel 4444 who is a Canadian expat who now lives in Chicago.   She is always an  enthusiastic observer of the “windy city,”  She can be humorous, serious or just plain weird while  brightening my day!  http://thechicagofiles.wordpress.com

Thank you both for the love and kindness you  show me  and all the WordPress family !

Award Rules:

1.  Share an act of kindness that another blogger has done for you.

2.  Thank the blogger who nominated you  and link back to their blog.

3. Nominate as many bloggers as you want whom you feel practice kindness and love in their lives and writing.

I am choosing to honor bloggers even if they no longer accept awards. Passing forward awards is time consuming and  that makes it impossible for many of you to participate.  I just want you all to know how you and your blogs affect and bless me! 

Since I had two nominators, I decided to have quite a long list:

1.  http://iithinks.wordpress.com

2.  http://abitofwiggleroom.wordpress.com

3.  http://chrisnavin.wordpress.com

4.  http://einfachtilda.wordpress.com

5.  http://insaneowl.wordpress.com

6.  http://harbin77.wordpress.com 

7.  http://sacredtouches.wordpress.com 

8.   http://atdoru.wordpress.com

9.  http://dalocollis.wordpress.com

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23.     http://thedrunkencyclist.com

24. http://bijitdutta.wordpress.com

My heartfelt thanks to all of you  ! Of course, it is entirely up to you whether you pass this award on or not, but I hope you do spread the love and kindness!  Have a wonderful weekend. . . . . . . .


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With Lots of Help from My Friends !


followed-blog-1000-1xfollowed-blog-500-1x Followers on WordPress

followed-blog-500-1x Posts on TalesAlongTheWay. com

Dhan’yavada= Thank you

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Chennai, India St. Thomas Cathedral and Shiva

St Thomas Cathedral, Chennai

Caravaggio: Doubting ThomasThomas, the saint of doubters, is depicted in Caravaggio’s vivid  painting at the moment of his  belief of the resurrection  of Christ as he  inserted his finger  into the wound on Christ’s side.Thomas  was the first missionary for Christ in India where he served, was martyred, and buried in his adopted home. One guide told us that Southern India is 20 % Christian with a mix of Catholic and Protestant believers.  St. Thomas’  church in Chennai is one of only three in the world where relics of the  original disciples of Christ are under the alter.  These churches are  St. Thomas Mount, in Chennai,  St. Peter’s in Rome, and the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. 100_3207100_3206100_3205Chennai, is the current Indian name to the city that was Madras under the English. Some of you might remember the wonderful plaid cloth from the 60’s with  the same name that bled when it was  washed.  This modern city  has a prosperous atmosphere and  is  cleaner than most Indian city streets, a more organized  plan, trash trucks , but of course the proverbial poverty here and there tucked in the shadows.  There are many international  business firms, high rise apartment buildings and prominent hotels.  But of course there are rickshaws and buffaloes wandering through the streets , but fewer than we were used to.  We visited the Chennai palace which is now a museum where  we saw wonderful bronze statues including  the very famous Shiva’s Cosmic Dance.  Shiva is the creator god and this is the mythology of the creation of the  beginning of the cosmos.

Do you have a favorite painter?  Have you been to the south of India?  Chennai? 

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