American Family Helping the Hopeless

This short video will warm your heart about the good  this young American entrepreneur does for the least among us!






Be inspired to do what you can !

images from Google public domain

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Friendship Road!

September 2 , 2015

A Highway Linking India All The Way To Thailand Is Now Operational

Adarsh Vinay

Adarsh Vinay

SW Editor

 A friendship road, opening developing countries for work and trading. . . . wonderful idea!

The Myawaddy-Thinggan Nyenaung-Kawkareik section of the Asian highway which links India and Thailand via Myanmar is now operational.

The inauguration of the new 26.5 km road means that the stretch between Thinggan Nyenaung and Kawkareik which earlier took 3 hours has now been reduced to 45 minutes.

The construction of the highway had started in 2012. It runs from Moreh in India to Thailand’s Maesot via Myanmar’s Tamu, Mandalay and Myawaddy.

There is also talk about introducing a bus service between India and Myanmar. If introduced, the service will ply between Imphal, Manipur, and Mandalay.


Information and images sourced from NorthEastToday

Thanks Judith !


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New York State Fair


State Fairs. . . . eagerly anticipated at the end of summer as a ritual Americans come out in droves for. There is  livestock judging, sand and butter sculpture, the state’s  largest pumpkin, and roasted potatoes for only a $1 and too many other special events to name.

New Yorkers have a justly deserved reputation of impatience, but we saw people waiting in line more or less patiently for baked  POTATOES .  It is a Syracuse thing as I have seen them standing in line for salted new potatoes, too. I suppose it is not PC to mention the huge Irish population in Syracuse. . . oh well there I did.  There is actually a stop light that is most or totally unusual! Look carefully. . . .can you see what makes it unusual?   Yes, the colors are reversed and the green  light is on the top.  It is at an intercession of Tipperary Hill in Syracuse.Upsidedown-light2

There is a long history in the agrarian counties of the US first with  fairs to promote local agricultural products  There was a  carnival, rides,and games, music, and lots of fried food  for the enjoyment of the whole family that later included  State Fairs.

In 1841, Syracuse, New York held the first of the State Fairs in the Untied States, and it continues yearly  until this very day.  Here are some pictures from our day at the fair!state-fair


More food. . . . .


A building of miniatures. . . . .


Did I mention Princesses?   Dairy Princess. . . .


Rides on the Midway are for another day!


Getting bathed for the judging. . . . .

piano man

This was a player piano which my friend Anne told us about. They were popular in by gone years and the children had never seen one.  This patient man was letting whomever wanted ,a chance to make music in  this most unusual way.


There is a roll of music that is played by pumping air with your feet on the pedals.


Violet played and we all sang, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!”


The Claire and Violet  were quite intrigued and we were there for quite some time.

Parker and minatures

Parker was quite intrigued with the men making  and painting miniatures and trains.  He had lots of questions which pleased the craftsmen!

At the end of the day, I was tired but it was a lovely memory opportunity which I am so glad to have had with these precious children.  And according to Parker’s watch , we walked 9,479 steps for the day. . . almost the 10,000  steps my doctor encourages!   The kids had energy for one last massage ride. . . and then  I was out of quarters! Time to go!

tired kids

Bye , bye Fair, see you next year !


Oh. . . don’t look too closely as the first and last pictures may look similar!

Oh can cold weather be far off?


This Is the Fun New York State Fair in Syracuse! 

Some of the images are from Google Public Domain.






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Baseball Birthday!

70 birthday

My husband has one of those BIG birthdays on September 6th.  I won’t be specific but these  either end in a 5 or a 0!   Our children, Katherine and Christian planned a day at Cooperstown, New York , at the Baseball Hall of Fame. David loves baseball and we hadn’t been there for quite some time. The girls were on our best behavior for Bofa’s day, determined not to make snarky remarks about “the game!”

We started in the Hall of Fame.  . . . hall-of-fame11

The cathedral celebrating the “Boys of Spring!”


These are google public domain pictures. Actually the Hall of Fame was crowded with visitors finding and reading about their favorite players.

One funny family story. . . . on either the second or the third floor, there is a maze of famous players and their memorabilia.  Once you are in the maze you have to walk by all the players to find your way out at the entrance again.  Violet, the 5 year old had been walking around  with her giant purse that she had borrowed from her mom.  As she came to where she thought the exit should be, she was met by another baseball display!   Her Dad was nearby when she slammed down her large black patent leather purse on the floor and announced in a very loud voice. . . . “There is no way to get out of HERE!”  Some of us knew just how she felt , and we had a great laugh.

We had a great lunch down by the lake. .  .another of the spectacular Central New York lakes.  Afterwards we strolled up and down Main Street which is full of memorabilia. . . . baseball of course. .  . cards, hats, t-shirts, bats and  things beyond imagination !

In in all honesty had a lovely day.  That happens no matter where we are but all together with the kids having fun and laughter and talking  with  the adults.  We will be back because each family joined the BHF because it was quite reasonable compared to single day admission.   We shall return. . . .all those Bell Oriole fans. .. . even the reluctant ones!

Before I leave you, here is one of the most popular displays, a TV with Abbott and Costello  doing  their  routine of “Who’s On First?” It has been voted the funniest comedy routine in the last century. . . . well worth the watching!


Any of you visited Cooperstown or other sport’s museum?  What is your favorite sport? 

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The Kindness of Strangers


This is a lovely inspiring post!


Kindness of Strangers
Let’s remake the world with words.
Not frivolously, nor
To hide from what we fear,
But with a purpose.

As Wordsworth said, remove
“The dust of custom” so things
Shine again, each object arrayed
In its robe of original light.
And then we’ll see the world
As if for the first time.
As once we gazed at the beloved
Who was gazing at us.
~ Gregory Orr ~
(There are three videos below, which means this post may be a bit slower in loading.)
 Nanayaran Krishnan (first video): “What is the purpose of life? It is to give. Start giving”.
I despise Donald Trump, the American billionaire supposedly running in the next US presidential elections,  for his greed, racism, misogyny, bullying, thuggery, selfishness and ignorance. He is a sad example of the mercenary, materialistic, anti-intellectual boorishness which characterises so many wealthy people around the world these…

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Last Word on Pakistan


A Final Word On Pakistan:

Imagine that every time you have a lapse in judgment, it gets printed in newspapers around the world: every time you lose patience with your children, every time you scream at someone in traffic, every time you drink too much and do something you regret. Each time you slip up, everyone hears about it. The world is never notified about the 99.99% of the time that you are a completely normal, productive, law-abiding citizen. The world only learns about you when things go wrong. Now imagine what the world would think of you.

It’s not that terrorism, patriarchy, and violence aren’t real problems in Pakistan. They exist and the country is battling these issues every single day. Pakistanis are very much aware of the extremism in their midst. The problem is that so many people seem to only be aware of that extremism. Because just as in the hypothetical example above—the other 99.99% of life just doesn’t make the news. When there’s only room in the newspaper for a single column about Pakistan, it’s going to be filled with the most compelling story. And unfortunately, that tends to be the most violent story.

And those are important stories. Those are the types of stories that expose corruption, stop genocide, and alert the world to emerging threats. It’s right for those stories to be told. But when those stories are all that we hear, it’s so easy to imagine a world that’s far scarier than it really is. You lose sight of the 99.99% of the world that’s not scary at all. And living in fear can be a dangerous thing. Because if we’re afraid of each other, we’ll never be able to work together to solve our common problems.

Humans of New York's photo.

I have not been to Pakistan, but I have Pakistani friends. Many years ago, we had some Pakistani students  in our home over a several year period.  After we had been to Egypt and had been treated so very kindly, having meals in people’s homes, being taken to an out of the way village , and taken to a wedding, I wanted to return the kindness of these friendly, welcoming people. I want to the  foreign student office of my husband’s university and asked for a Muslim student .Fayyaz had several roommates also from Pakistan , all in advanced degrees in some engineering department. This began a relationship of dinners,  and outings for fireworks or apple picking. I was told that the number one goal of all foreign students  who come to study in the States is to be invited to an American’s home!   These are the future leaders in their countries and who knows if someday they might remember that some Americans were kind to them when they were strangers in our land.  Gives us all pause!  I am still in contact with Fayyaz . He is married and has five beautiful children.  For years , he would call me on Mother’s Day!

My other Pakistani friend is Meena, with whom I taught for 6 years.  She is bright, an incredible teacher, and a  beautiful American born young woman.  She told me that she was terrified to come to school after 9/11 for fear the parents would attack her.  Thank God that didn’t happen.

I loved talking to and hearing about a faraway culture from precious people who in the long run are much like my family with desires and goals, and relationships and faith on a journey through this world, with hope for the future.  I heard about the Hajj , differences on the story of Abraham, Issac and  his first born son, Ishmael. Those young men knew an incredible amount of American history which amazed us. We were woefully lacking in our knowledge about Pakistan. 

I sincerely think that if just ordinary people could sit and talk, we could  work many of the problems out in the world that are between different people and cultures.  Yes, there are differences but there is so much in common.

A couple of Sundays ago, there were both Indian and Pakistani families at my church. I could not tell them apart by looking. They had lived together mostly peacefully before for many years before  the ill thought out partisan in the 1940s.  One of the Pakistani ladies invited me to Pakistan.

I look forward to the day that is possible!


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Indian Sunshine


Sustainability is a goal for the whole world these days as people realize not only the price of energy but the fragility of our environment.  India has lots and lots of sunshine, that is for sure.  Gujarat, the state where we were living, had a combination of solar and water plant.  The panels were placed over a canal to integrate  the two sources of energy and slow the evaporation of the water.

Now Cochin, in Kerala, has opened the first solar  airport in India. . . and I assume the world , that is designed and built to be 100 sustainable with solar energy. We visited Kerala and had the relaxing  canal backwater boat ride.  We flew from Cochin to Mumbai, but most admit we didn’t  notice the field of panels.

Phoenix has been talking about becoming  a 100% solar city.   Talking, is about it!   There is no shortage of sun there , very similar to India.  The great difference is that India is pressing onward to complete these plans.  Remember when they launched the rocket to Mars last year?  And the amazing pictures  of Mars shown to earth,  a few months ago?

Enough said, about Incredible India!



Image from Google public domain images

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