Diwali or Deepavali


These images are magnificent! Share in the joy of India. . . . Happy Diwali which begins tonight!

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Look at these glorious images with all the Indian colors. In a few hours, my Indian friends will begin their celebration !  Happy Diwali! 


Celebration of Light with candles twinkling in the winter night! Welcome to the biggest Indian festival, lasting for five days, and filled with  color and joy. . .  .Diwali.  The candles make me think of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, White Dog Festival ( Iroquois Native American Festival)  and Christmas…..light in the winter darkness. Diwali began as a religious festival  to celebrate good overcoming evil, but today it is celebrated by most Indians regardless of religion as a beginning of the New Year.  It is the beginning of the Hindu calendar year and is the celebration of blessings, life, and family.  It is as important in India as Christmas is in the United States.

Preparations begin with shopping: Ah , the vibrant Indian colors. . . . .

India Hindu Festival



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Diwali- Festival of Lights


This winter festival of lights and colors begins in incredible India on 10/26. Indians know how to celebrate!

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This is a short video showing the people, colors and joyful celebration of Diwali!

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No Drama Obama



The President is often criticized for being cool and detached from just about any situation.  He has  been described as having a law professor’s temperament.  Yesterday , he was in Chicago and voting early for the election  in two weeks. There is a woman voting next to him when her boyfriend , Mike, enters telling  the President not to “touch  my  girlfriend!”  Watch as Mr. Obama has a calm, funny conversation, never looks up from the computer, and continues voting. This is an example of how he earned his nickname !

This was shown minutes ago on my morning show, “Morning Joe” on MSNBC.  The rating show I am one of a handful of people who watch !

I thought a smile or maybe a laugh was a  good thing  this morning. . . .



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Groove in G /Playing for Change Music Monday

Playing for Change was begun by Mark Johnson to “inspire, connect and bring peace” through music.  It is  dedicated to building music and art schools for children around the world and creating hope and inspiration for the future.

Here is a “Cinematic Discovery of International  Street Musicians”

“Through music, we all speak the same language. . . . “


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Friendly Dog on Hog


This was on this morning. It will make you smile this Sunday evening!

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Working Irish Border Collies


We had a Border Collie whose name was Lucy. She was the ‘dog’ of my husband’s life! When we drove through England we stopped when we saw a man and his Collies playing ball in the front yard of the farm. Border Collies everywhere, it seems, love to play ball.  Next while in Scotland, we saw a Border Collie trials, doing their work and herding the sheep. The dog with the most faithful discipline and listening skill was the winner.  We also went to a farm that raised Border Collies and saw the training  of these incredible animals.  The young pups were introduced to herding with ducks and geese. Then we saw the older trained dogs work, herding.  I tell you this in case, you too might be in the British Isles and also love these dogs.  It is not in the guide book, and David was most persistent, asking most everywhere we went if anyone knew of where we could visit  working dogs . His persistence   was rewarded.

Just a little background. . . . Border Collies are continually named the “Smartest Dogs” on the planet. Well you might wonder, how are dogs tested for IQ?  Great question and I have an answer!  I dark blanket is put over the dog and time is counted until the dog escapes!   Border Collies are always first, German Shepherds are second and Standard Poodles are third.  Lucy, we estimated, had the vocabulary of a 2-3 year old child.  She didn’t speak obviously , but she understood and  she demanded both a huge amount of exercise and having her mind challenged .  We would hide the ball upstairs and she would “find it !”

So this post  is for Lucy , who enriched our life and is long gone to doggy heaven.  I also found this lovely Irish farmer with his wit and stories to show you these incredible dogs. . . . . working!


Anyone have some Border Collie stories? 

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A Lesson on Dealing with Politicians


Where has our dream gone of a country governed for and by the people? Why  has our vision disappeared?  It is just accepted  now that we can’t do anything to change Washington or the politicians.

There is an election in just two weeks and the  interest is minimal according to the  pollsters.  Just this year we have seen that India had  an unprecedented  65% of eligible voters vote, standing in line for hours to participate in the greatest duty of a citizen living in a democracy. The people rose up and elected “their” candidate and ousted the Congress  party that had been in  power since the late 40’s when India became independent.  That was May 2014.

In September , 2014 there was a referendum for an independent Scotland. There was 85%  eligible voter turnout!  Promises for additional devolved powers were made by the English Prime Minister if Scotland would vote “No” for Independence.  The vote was 45% Yes and 55% No.  Guess what?  The politicians that “Promised” more autonomy to Scotland are now back pedaling  and  giving all sorts of reasons to be unable to fulfill their promises.  What are the Scots doing?  Are they just accepting that this is politics and their dream is unfulfillable ?   No, there are rallies, court cases, and strong leaders stepping up to be the drivers of the dream. All possiblites of irregularities in voting and even outright cheating is being investigated.   They accept they have hit a road bump, but they are speeding ahead  after recovering from the disappointment of the  vote.

Now to the United States. . . . what % of eligible  voters participate here ? According to Pew Research the voting in an off year election when the president is not up for election or reelection is 37% (2010).   On the last  year of  presidential election (2012) , a mere 54% of voters participated.

People need to be informed and educated voters and  then vote, tell  your politicians of your  needs, get involved or we may wake up one morning and this  “grand experiment”  of democracy in the United States of America will be over !

Your thoughts please?

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