Plimouth Plantation Virtual Tour


A reenactment of the First Thanksgiving  meal l when the Pilgrims invited the Native Americans who had helped them stay alive in the New World, of Plimouth Plantation, Massachusetts.

This is the one truly American holiday where families near and wide go to be with family to give thanks for our many blessings and enjoy a feast.

Another blogger said it was another commercialized day with no meaning and that is not true.  Yes , Black Friday is the day after where the Christmas shopping season begins.  The last few years , stores have opened up in the evening of Thanksgiving to get an edge on the shopping.   but there has been a pretty significant kick-back of stores not opening unto  the early hours of Good Friday, say 4 AM or 5 AM. I have to admit that my children like to go to the early am shopping and look for treasures and drink cocoa.   The uproar  has been that families need to be together to enjoy Thanksgiving and not working in a store.  Granted, the Macy’s Day Parade is broadcast in the morning of Thanksgiving but families watch together as the turkey cooks.  In the afternoon, there is college football  for whomever is interested while the others have a cup of coffee and another piece of pie and catch up on family news.

Happy Thanksgiving!   If you are reading this , then you have something for which to be thankful!

If you are interested in the history of this event, please watch the video. I used to have my third grades in Arizona watch it.  Mesa Arizona is a long way from Plimouth ( the English spelling ) Plantation.

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Fire Fighting Elephants


A smile for you this morning with this story of  these amazing animals!

I give thanks for my WordPress and FB friends this Thanksgiving.


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I Hope This Is a False Alarm! THIS IS A HOAX. . . .My Apology !

Thanks to the people who notified me that this post was a hoax reported on originating in  2003.  I do apologize for posting this and leading you astray.  I was careless and just assumed without researching for myself.  I must say though, that I am happy it was not true!   Anne



I received this from a friend in Europe last night. He is a credible source, as far as I am concerned, due to his connections and research. I don’t know for sure it it is true or not, but I pass this on for you to be aware.  I did call the number below and got a recording stating it was  the New York City Terminal Market, as stated. I can imagine that there are many threats and heightened now with the state of the world. I decided to pass this on and pray for God’s mercy and I encourage you to pray as well.

I am off today to  be part of a team to hand out 550 Thanksgiving turkey  dinner baskets at ConSERNS-U Food Pantry!

Peace. . . . . . .


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The Muslims I Know!

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Brave Muslims from Google Public Domain

This Muslim man is very brave to be on the internet. I heard from a  American born teacher  of  Muslim heritage , how she feared coming to school after 9/11.  She was so afraid that parents would have their students pulled from her class. It didn’t happen because everyone knew she was not a terrorist.  But she was fearful just the same.

This week, I have talked to a  Muslim I have  known for years and years. He is very devout , and we have been friends for years  actually since he was a student in the United States. I had his friends and him to our house for meals and discussions on various topics including how our beliefs are alike and different. I requested Muslim students to befriend as I wanted to show kindness and friendship after we had been treated so warmly in Egypt. A  thank you for the meals and  welcome we were given in a Muslim country.

Also,  my FB friend from another  Muslim country  does not believe in these extreme tactics done in the name of his religion.    We all agree on the fear and unease that  these events put in our hearts.  The refugees must be feeling the same way when abandoning their homes.

I don’t want a national registry for Muslims which is right out of the Fascist  Nazi playbook when they  registered the Jews. I do not want the Syrians put in camps as the US did in World War II to the Japanese people who were  living in the the US.  People fail to learn from history and past mistakes and that is when  history  repeats itself.

May respect, cooler heads, and  compassion on all sides, prevail on this earth.

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The Mastermind is Dead


Google Public Domain Image

Yesterday, I was watching “Morning Joe” as I drank my coffee.  The big news was the DNA tests showing that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the Is** terrorist mastermind had been killed in the attack in the Parisian  suburb. This is the terrorist, though  known to the west, who had been moving freely between Syria, Brussels, the country of his birth, and Paris.  It is thought that he was the planner and leader  of the attacks in  the city of light.  Those attacks that have changed all our lives and  happened only one week ago today.

This man was only 27 years old but he was sophisticated, self-disciplined, bright, a psychopathic killer , and filled with hatred as he dreamed and planned to see Sharia  law. I was curious about his education to continue my thought yesterday about the terrorists education and aptitude.  He studied in one of the most prestigious secondary schools in Belgium.  There was no information about university. I did learn that when he left his family to go and join the terrorist group, he took his 13 year old brother to train as a warier as well. It was reported that when news of his death reached his family, that they cheered loudly.


This is  Abbaaoud’s cousin (Google Public Domain) who was in the apartment in Paris and detonated her body bombs.  The news about her is that she was a very modern woman who was not interested in religion. She never wore the veil until just a month ago.

This substantiates what a FB friend from Egypt has told me.  FB (his initials) says that  these terrorists  are not true Muslims  and that Allah does not condone this killing.  It is all very confusing  but I did think that is possible.  In the west,  there are many different sects of Christianity. I am thinking of the Westboro Baptist Church which demonstrates at funerals of people that don’t follow their beliefs of Christianity.  Of course they spread their hate with words  but have not terrorized with killing as Iss* has done.

This morning, there is more terrible news that hostages have been taken in Maui by terrorists who released some who could recite verses from the Koran. It goes on. . . . .

One final thought is that Christ said in Matthew 26:52, “. . . For all who draw the sword(live by the sword) will die by the sword.”  I know that there are different interpretations of this verse, but the literal reading of these words seems appropriate in this situation.

One of the speakers on Morning Joe, an administration police leader from New York City says, “Be aware  but don’t be afraid!”

Pray for wisdom.

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A little Boy and His Dad in Paris

Here is a sweet story from this carnage in Paris that breaks our hearts.  Now I can imagine that some will think that is just a dad consoling his son , and of course one one level it is .


But no doubt some of you will remember the Velvet Revolution in Prague where flowers were put on the Russian’s guns before they turned and left the Czech Republic. Twenty-six years late, the Czech Republic is  still free.


And how about Tienanmen Square in China with  this iconic image?


Sometimes “giving peace a chance” as per John Lennon, but sadly not always.

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Glasgow Heroes


Many of you may not remember this terrorist attack on Glasgow airport in the summer of 2007. The day before, another cell  attempted car bombs that failed in London.  I remember because we were in a Dublin hotel spending the night before flying home to New York. we were watching the BBC.   This post is not about the brave Scottish guards who with no concern for their own safety,  ran  to  help the policemen with no thought of their own safety.  Nor is it about the alert London policemen who thwarted the car bombs in London due to their excellent work.

No, I have always been dumbfounded by who the terrorist were.  Of the eight suspects including  the  ones in the car, five were medical doctors who had all worked in the NHS (National Health Service) and another was studying for a PhD in engineering! Yes doctors who had taken a oath to “Never do any harm” in treating patients, had planned and carried out  or bungled actually these attacks in hopes of killing and maiming.    Actually, I am still not clear in my mind of the hatred, and anger necessary to turn this men to attempt murder and mayhem on innocent people. How is it possible to be two sides of the same coin?

Just on Friday, we witnessed attempts that succeeded in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world where 129 were killed and hundreds more were wounded.  This time in the city of Light, the terrorists  didn’t fail.   The world watched in horror at the sophistication and expertise , and coolness of the operation.

As the world leaders scramble to decide on a plan and understand, the very bright, talented , prepared, and self-disciplined men of the darkness who  knew their plan  to march toward the United States.  They have said it many times, and they do what they say.

Lord have mercy!


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