Troy, New York Hidden Garden Tour

unnamed (63)

View from the gate entrance.

I have  been scurrying around trying to whip my “hidden urban garden” into shape for visitors this late afternoon and early evening.  Gardens will be viewed  on a self guided walking tour to benefit garden projects in the city. My garden is the one on the right at the end of the ferns and hosta.

THE SECRET GARDEN was a favorite book of mine years ago so when we took this first floor apartment, I just had to have a tiny, hidden garden.  The yards from the old rectory and ours connect and  so  my garden is also included.  It is a total shade garden and I love it. We have a fire pit for cools evenings and also serves as a  grill.

I am loving the shade perennials and adding newly  discovered treasure from local perennial sales.unnamed (62)

unnamed (61)

 I have used  some color  with shade annuals .  I learned to accent with color when we were in Italy.  Every balcony in Roma has pots  of various varieties of trees, annuals and perennials.  Very spectacular !

unnamed (69)unnamed (68)

unnamed (65)

The old school building known as St. Mary’s School is covered with the lovely ivy.  The window that is partially covered is my tiny computer space, when I am sitting and typing at this very moment.

 unnamed (59)

unnamed (64)

unnamed (58)

Oh, I wish I could sit and visit with you my friends and share a glass of iced tea!


This Is My Hidden Garden !


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Life at pols

This gallery contains 28 photos.

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Walled City Walk Part 3

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12 pupils in Ballarat Catholic school photo took their own lives after abuse

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A tragic class photo has been revealed where 12 out of the 33 of pupils pictured went on to commit suicide because of the sexual and physical abuse that took place at the school in Ballarat. 12 pupils in Ballarat Catholic school photo took their own lives after abuse

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10 Favorite Destinations, Year 5


Beautiful places, beautiful pictures. . . . .

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Hoi An Japanese Bridge at Night Covered bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam.

For the first time, our annual list of favorites consists of all overseas destinations. Last spring, after four years touring the U.S., we traded our RV for backpacks and set out to explore the rest of the world. While circumnavigating the globe—a first for us—we found ourselves in some pretty amazing places. Here is a list of our favorite destinations from our fifth full year of fulltime travel. Where applicable, the destination header links to the original blog post on the topic. 

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Indian Heart.. . . . . Indian Life. . . . Man of the Millennium

 Another wonderful post from my friend, Judith !  What love Mr. Kalyansundaram has for his fellow man!   What an example of a life of  quiet caring.  Be inspired.

11206016_1594742370780502_1670203645625138985_n (1)

This Is An Incredible Indian! 

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Aerial View of Sikh Golden Temple , Amritsar, India

11082473_10203814597582148_2885783864221779008_n   The Golden Temple rivals the beauty of St. Peter’s in Rome, in my mind.  This video shows the whole complex tucked in the middle of the ancient city of Amritsar  in the Punjab.  As spectacular as the site is and yes, that is real gold, it is the Shik’s committment to caring for the poor which really speaks to me.  There a kitchen run and stocked completely by Sikh followers that is open 24/7  serving up to 100,000 hungry people with free food.  At night, the homeless can sleep under the arcades and even bathe in  the pool.

Here is my previous post on the Golden Temple and the Sikh commitment to caring for the poor.

Here is an amazing aerial view of the Golden Temple sent to me by by my great Indian resource, Judith.  Thanks my friend.

This Is Incredible India! 

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Children of God #3

11263991_10206727793141364_1592004005131845014_n (1)


Before we went to walk through  this slum just down and across Ashram Road from Gandhi Ashram, I bought a huge plastic jar of individually wrapped chocolates.  I divided it into plastic bags and the students who wanted to and I passed out the candy. I have to admit I used my knowledge of children and their love of sweets, but goodness, everybody knows that.  As you can see from the first picture, there was no shortage of children and adults who enjoyed a sweet that morning.

Cassie is connecting with  some women and children.  Notice that the brick house has been painted . . . a touching effort to make a house, no where it is, a home!


This Is Incredible India !




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