Love in a “Lunchbox”

1000x1000   If a slum dweller  in Mumbai can earn a million dollars on a TV game show, why is it not possible for an aging insurance man to find love in his lunchbox? ‘The Lunchbox’ is in limited release in the US.  It was hugely popular in film loving India and there was a  national scandal when it was not chosen to be the Indian film representing India at the Academy Awards.  And someone should have listened to the people because ‘Good Road’ which was submitted was not even honored in the top five foreign films. Mumbai (Bombay)  has 5000 “dabbawallahs” who distribute one million lunches per day using their feet, trains, buses, and scooters.  Many of the lunches are packed at home so they need to be collected, taken to  Mumbai by  the correct dabbawallah , arrive at the office of the husband,  eaten, and then returned to the wife at home for the same routine the next day !



This amazing efficient delivery system is in the world’s 5th largest city of 12.5 million souls, one of the densest cities with 21,000 people per kilometer which is twice as dense as NYC, and four times as dense as London .  And don’t forget the constant chaotic mess that is traffic in Mumbai!

The lunchbox is a steel tower with several compartments with hot water in the bottom  to serve if not a hot, at least a warm meal to the husband.


This is a picture from the film.


Harvard researchers were amazed at this daily process and conducted research. Their findings concluded that only  one in a million lunches were ever delivered incorrectly by the dabbawallh system of Mumbai.


The “Lunchbox” is a gentle Indian commentary on the human need for connection and communication !

text from Mark Moring
Christianity Today, movie reviewer

some photos from public domain

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Good Friday

“For God so loved the world he gave his one and only Son, for whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world  through him.”  John 3:16-17



Tonight at the Good Friday service, the lights will be low in the sanctuary, with one spotlight on a wooden cross.  Each person will first write his/her  sin on paper and then  stand in line to knee at the foot of the cross, take a nail, and hammer it to the cross.  This we do to remember the miracle of Christ’s willing sacrifice to  pay the debt  of sin for all who believe in Him. People will leave silently, rejoicing

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies ; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?’ ”  John 11:25-26












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TV Action Stars Discovered at a Wedding!

We Really Are Rock Stars…….Action TV Stars!

It all 488059_10151525731163838_331157735_nbegan when our group was invited to a wedding reception here in Ahmedabad way back in January.ImageWe were included because one of the student’s uncle extended the invitation to us. The man with me in the pictures is Chandresh Bhatt who is the line  producer for the episode in which we will appear. He also writes and directs on other episodes of this popular crime show. 544309_10151522593988838_1752643349_n The show’s name is Shapath-Sabse Badi Talaash which is available on Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Chandresh came to our hostel to invite us to play ourselves….tourists in India. Monday was to be our first day, so not much studio work was done as we waited and not too patiently. (Most of us have not the level of patience that Indians have…) Well, there were problems with permits to shoot from the famous Indian bureaucracy. We have dealt with them so we completely understood. Shooting would be on Tuesday. David was still feeling under the weather and some of the students decided not to be a part of the “shoot,” on the that day.166712_10151522569788838_1897453430_n A small bus was sent to pick us up and drive to the Nehru Bridge connecting new and old Ahmedabad. You can get a taste from the pictures, but not of the blazing sun, total traffic congestion in both directions, people calling to the star, Murli Sharma for pictures, directions translated by Naraj, takes , retakes..running in the sun…259811_10151522571798838_345815650_nI will just post pictures for you to see and your imagination will have to make the tapes roll. The guy in the orange shirt is Murli, the star..diva really with an umbrella over his head when not on camera, a make-up man in tow, a director’s chair for him to sit in…and endless cell phone conversations!388497_10151522580998838_1315767201_nFrom there we went to the Pols or old town. The last scene shot was in a 500 year old temple. One funny thing that happened was that the director called for costume changes before the temple scene! We were dressed as tourists, cameras, jeans, hats…we brought nothing to change into. A helper was sent to a nearby shop and came back with armloads of Indian clothes for us! The kids were allowed to keep their costume change as a souvenir.525052_10151522603008838_2089284405_nOur first day went from 9:30 until almost 6 PM after much waiting around. We thanked everyone, got some shots with the star, the director, and producer and left thinking our adventure was over. 221716_10151525712973838_885864673_n But the next day, Chandresh called to ask us to go in the afternoon to a famous Gurarati step well to continue shooting. We were blown away finding out we had more than cameo appearance shots in this show. The well was the one where I am holding the baby in a previous post.208723_10151525706508838_518661645_nI am including shots taken at the well for you to enjoy. Our episode will air on Sony TV on March 30 and 31st.  This was such an unexpected experience and the Indians were so kind and friendly, making it be a very special memory, one we will never forget!
Thanks Chandresh! Thanks to Erin for many of the pictures.
Post Script:  Several of the girls who were prominently showcased on this episode were taking a weekend trip in Rahjustan. As they walked through a market, they were greeted by several young Indian women who recognized them from the episode.  Isn’t that wild? And totally true. It must be very popular all over India…similar to the shows so popular in the US. Funny thing is that after watching the two night episode, Saturday and Sunday, we still didn’t know the story line…..but we were in it! 487776_10151525730963838_2056841092_n

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Prayingforoneday is now ShaunyNews – Shaun Gibson – PLEASE REBLOG!


Shaun is a very good blogger friend. He has lost a bunch of his friends when he was using FB. Here is his address if you are no longer hearing from him. Follow again. . . . . . . .

Originally posted on shaunynews:


Since I had to delete my old blog and start a new one I am asking PLEASE if people can give this a quick reblog?

I lost a ton of friends I liked talking to. I am getting about 5/10 a day added back but I would really like to hook back up with a few people.

I ask as the best friend you have to PLEASE RE-Blog this so I can find some friends like you again

I would be grateful WordPress if you could do this for me

More love, less hate


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Liebster Awarad

liebster award

My dear friend Mark  at http:// nominated me for the Liebster Award.  It is an award for bloggers who have 200 or fewer followers which neither he nor I am observing. This is an award to honor our fellow bloggers no matter the number of followers.

I call Mark, Marco and he is a very special friend.  He is a trained journalist , an expert on all things sports related, and also a gentle, kind human being.  I love the way he so respectfully and lovingly refers often to his wife Karen. He is a good husband, too.   I also remember how Marco jumped in to help Angie   , another blogger, who had difficulty with her blog. Marco got in-touch with WordPress and tenaciously stayed on the situation until Angie got back on line.  Mark, feminist, writer and friend. . . . visit his terrific blog.

Here are the answers to the questions Marco asked of me:

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started  blogging in January 2013 from India.  My purpose was to have snapshot posts of special places in India.

2. What is the favorite blog post you’ve ever written or photographed, and why?   This make me cry to  even think about!

3. What is the last thing you read not online?

A Glass of Blessings: a Novel by Barbara Pym

4. What is the last online item you read not on WordPress?

News about the current election taking place in the world’s  largest  democracy.

5. What did you eat for dinner last night?

grilled veggies, asparagus, and chicken breast

6. You are banished to an island for one month. You can bring three items. They are?

My Bible, my laptop and my Kindle 

7. You can bring two people, one of each gender. They are?

Hard. . . . Katherine, daughter and Christian , son

8. What was the favorite car you ever owned, and why?

a red B. . . . . . ‘n  Camero    You have to ask? 

9. What is the last band you’ve seen playing live?

I have no idea!

10. Intimate bar show with local band or huge stadium concert with chart-topper. Which do you prefer?

Love the large group atmosphere

11. Great taste or less filling?

Less filling.

Here are the 11 questions my nominees should answer please: 

1. Why did you begin blogging?

2. Is blogging what you expected?

3. How did you choose your blog’s name?

4. How do you choose your topics to write on ?

5  Is beer or wine your preference?

6. What is your favorite place you have visited?

7. Why is it your favorite in  #6?

8.  What is a  place you  wish to visit that you haven’t ?

9.  What is your favorite film?

10. Describe briefly what you would do on  your favorite day.

11.  What is your largest challenge in blogging?

Here are my nominees. Please visit their blogs and see why !

1.  Blogger

2. Blogger

3.  Blogger

4. Blogger

5. Blogger

6. Blogger

7.  Blogger

8. Blogger

9.  Blogger

10.  Blogger

11.  Blogger

Happy Blogging!

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La Posada, Winslow, Arizona

lp4Banner La Posada means “the inn” in Spanish.  It is, also,  a celebration in Mexico 9 days before Christmas to celebrate the journey of Mary and Joseph searching for lodging  shortly before the baby Jesus was born in a stable.  They were unable to find “room at an inn.”  La Posado in Winslow, Arizona means elegant Spanish Inn which started as the vision of Mary Colter renounced architect, best known for her work at the Grand Canyon. Winslow, az 2013 022 Actually, it is necessary to take one more step backwards to Fred Harvey, who “civilized the west” and his introduction of “linen, silver, crystal and impeccable service,” to cross country train travel in the United States.  He developed and ran the hotels and restaurants on the Sante Fe Railroad.  His neatly uniformed Harvey Girls were the servers at all the sites. la-posada-hotel In 1920, Harvey  wanted to build a major hotel in the north of Arizona.  His vision was for travelers from the east to stop and stay a week or so to visit all the sights within a day’s travel by car,  Grand Canyon,the Navajo Nation, Canyon De Chelly, 4 Corners, and  Monument Valley.  At the end of touring in the area of Winslow, the travelers would board another train and journey on to the west coast.  His admiration for Mary Colter’s design sense allowed for her to design evrey detail from the building , to furniture, and  the gardens.  Ms. Colter considered La Posada to be her best and favorite work. az1 No mention of La Podada is complete without a mention of the food created and served in the “Turquoise Room.”  The menu states the chef uses local meat, produce, and recipes  from Navajo and local farms in a new and innovative way.   We have eaten there on a number of occasions either stopping for lunch or dinner and the one stay overnight and each time the food has been stellar. Everything is created in their kitchen by their award winning chef,  We don’t usually stay in such elegant hotels but we do love good food.  This food is in the league of any chef in New York City! La Posada and Winslow deserve a visit if you are in the neighborhood and “Take It Easy!” SAM_1948 Public Domain images

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Music Monday “Take It Easy” The Eagles




standin on the corner_thumb[1]

Yes, Winslow, Arizona is a real place.  It is in the northern part of the state and a great stopping off place for a  visit to  the Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, 4 Corners, Monument Valley and Navajo Nation.  The problem is that it is pretty much a dumpy little town on RT 66 with only  two remarkable things.  First is a mention in “Take It Easy” and tomorrow I will show you the other amazing place to visit in Winslow!  In the video, there is a Ford convertible, but on the actual corner with the guitar man is a flatbed Ford truck which you can see from these pictures.

The Eagles are an American rock band that started in 1971 in Los Angles. They have sold 150 million records and are one of the all time most popular groups.  “Hotel California” is probably a more recognizable  song, but we love to crank-up “Take It Easy”  in the car and sing it with great gusto!

Now you will never hear that fleeting mention of Winslow, Arizona without remembering. .

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